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Synonyms for unsecured

not firmly fastened or secured

without financial security


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While the case is pending before the bankruptcy court, stays of collection and of unsecured interest are in effect.
In In re Continental Vending Machine Corporation, DC NY, 11/19/76, a taxpayer in a Chapter 10 bankruptcy proceeding claimed deductions for interest on debt to both its secured and unsecured creditors.
Millennium Cell intends to file a resale registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") within the next forty-five days for the common shares underlying the Unsecured Debentures, the warrants, and shares potentially issuable for interest paid in lieu of cash in accordance with the terms of the Unsecured Debentures.
With the exception of $2 million in mortgage notes, all of Con-way's debt is unsecured.
Fitch has also upgraded Vitro's $225 million senior unsecured notes due 2013 to 'B+/RR3' from 'CCC/RR4', upgraded Vitro's national scale rating to 'BB+(mex)' from 'BB(mex)'.
The assets acquired by the investor group are almost entirely unencumbered, reducing the remaining unencumbered asset support of unsecured debt at Reckson OP.
Proposed $1 billion guaranteed senior unsecured term loan due 2014 'BB-/RR2'.
The current issuance of shares under the Plan follows an initial pro rata distribution of 16,095,776 shares of common stock of AAWW to holders of allowed general unsecured claims in July 2005 and subsequent interim distributions to eligible claimholders of 40,940 shares in October 2005, 7,493 shares in January 2006, 40,824 shares in April 2006, and 396,625 shares in October 2006.
Upon closing of the transaction, Fitch expects to withdraw its 'BB-' unsecured bank facility rating and withdraw its 'BB-' senior unsecured notes rating for existing senior unsecured notes due 2007 and 2008 with the successful completion of debt tender offers.
s (TMA or Thornburg) Issuer Default Rating (IDR) and senior unsecured notes.
The ratings upgrade reflects the strength of ACAS' overall financial performance, strong capitalization, and slightly improved funding flexibility due to the company's progress over the past two years toward meeting its goal of having unsecured debt comprise 50% of total debt.
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings has downgraded Ford Motor Company's (Ford) senior unsecured ratings to 'B-/RR5' from 'B/RR4' due to the increase in size of both the secured facilities and the senior unsecured convertible notes being offered.
CHICAGO -- Fitch has assigned a rating of 'B/RR4' to the $3 billion in senior unsecured convertible notes being offered by Ford Motor Company (Ford).
2 billion of senior unsecured notes and $400 million of subordinated notes.
CHICAGO -- Fitch Ratings has downgraded Ford Motor Company's (Ford) senior unsecured debt to 'B/RR4' from 'B+/RR3' following the announcement that Ford intends to raise $18 billion in new financing.