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Synonyms for unsectarian

not restricted to one sect or school or party


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En opinion de Carlos Octavio Bunge, es este sentimiento de moderacion religiosa, unsectarian, no confesional, la autentica base moral de la educacion que protege a la escuela de las luchas politico-religiosas que han embargado a paises como Francia y Espana, y hace posible en todas las sectas del cristianismo el ideal que instaurara en 1828 Thomas Arnold, el ideal del christian gentleman, del caballero cristiano (184).
42) The Freeman's Journal--addressing itself to a very different political constituency--commented on the Cabinet's "excellent discretion" exercised "to keep clear of controversial and irritating subjects," its "rigid exclusion of sectarianism in the extracts" (itself a revealing phrase), and its "most unsectarian comprehension of authors.
Moir argues that Canadian Presbyterians advocated church union and a "free unsectarian system of schools" as a defence against militant Catholicism.
As Alderman Sawday suggested in a speech delivered at the grand opening of the new hall and gymnasium in 1900, the purpose of the association was, first and foremost, to train young men to become "useful citizens" in an unsectarian, undenominational setting.
Her ardent commitment to temperance and relatively unsectarian Christianity no doubt helped her publish essays, and some of the poetry she had mentally composed for many years, in periodicals such as the Christian News, United Presbyterian Magazine, and League Record.
Clarity was admittedly incompatible with the frenetic growth targets proposed at the launching of the organization, but could have been maintained in a reasonably open and unsectarian organization of more modest size.
Militant trade-unionists, left-wing socialists, de-Stalinized communists, undogmatic Trotskyist, unsectarian anarchists, are seeking out the paths to renewal of the proletarian internationalist tradition.
It has potentially valuable material, but on a subject which calls out for dispassionate, unsectarian analysis to describe the whole situation and not to select to the point of distortion aspects of it.