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unfit for a voyage

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Refugees and asylum seekers are packed onto unseaworthy boats and dinghies by smugglers in the hope of crossing the Mediterranean and reaching Europe.
Over the past two years, smugglers operating in Libya have made it more dangerous for migrants, cramming more people onto increasingly unseaworthy rubber dinghies.
The crews of the vessels taking part in the Frontex operation in the Central Mediterranean continue to do their utmost to help the Italian authorities rescue people who were put on often unseaworthy boats well beyond any imaginable capacity by ruthless smugglers.
Nearly 9,000 mainly African migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean this past long weekend after being put by smugglers in Libya onto unseaworthy boats heading toward Italy, UN aid agencies said on Tuesday.
According to IOM, so far this year nearly 800 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in the often unseaworthy vessels provided by human traffickers.
Even though she had paid smugglers $2,400 for her family to make the crossing from Libya to Italy, when she and others saw the completely unseaworthy boat, they refused to get in because they were afraid.
Thousands of people a year, many of them fleeing war in the Middle East, have crossed the Mediterranean in unseaworthy or overcrowded boats.
This time Libya, a previous offender, and Egypt, a new origin for migrants, appears to be allowing them to leave their shores in unseaworthy dinghies and other boats to cross the Mediterranean Sea toward Greece and Italy.
As traffickers take advantage of the improving weather, officials say it is impossible to know how many unseaworthy boats are being launching every day from Libya to Europe.
The boats sank south of Italy on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as the migrants tried to reach Europe in unseaworthy vessels.
MORE than 700 migrants are feared dead in three Mediterranean shipwrecks near Italy in the last few days as they tried to reach Europe in unseaworthy smuggling boats, the UN refugee agency has said.
On May 23, Italy's coastguard said two Italian naval vessels and two operated by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) rescued around 2,000 migrants from unseaworthy boats in 15 separate operations.
Australia reopened its controversial offshore processing centers in 2012, after a surge in arrivals of unseaworthy boats.
On Sunday, the Italian coastguard reported more than 4,600 people had been rescued from unseaworthy boats off the Libyan coast between Thursday and Saturday.
He said "an increasing number of Syrians fleeing the war and violence are willing to risk everything aboard unseaworthy boats and dinghies to reach Europe.