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remove from political office

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dislodge from one's seat, as from a horse

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Only a few days since you, yourself, told me that these great brutes, by the uncertainty of their tempers, often were the means of turning victory into defeat, since, at a crucial moment, they might elect to unseat and rend their riders.
a trouble which is enough to unseat my reason, so sudden and so terrible is it.
8 mm (2 inches) per minute, and Load is applied until either the bead unseats and air loss occurs, or minimum load is reached.
Since the late 1960s, the bead unseat test has been part of the testing required for salutatory compliance to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 109 for passenger car vehicles.
The bead unseat test method adopted into the FMVSS 109 standard was accepted as the most repeatable laboratory test available for determining whether a tire was likely to stay on the rim.
Taunton, with a faller-rate of 14 per cent in the last eight seasons, is second only to the National course, while the fences at Kelso (13 per cent), Plumpton (13), Fakenham (12) and Musselburgh (12) have also claimed plenty of victims and these stats have convinced me that the combination of moderate horses being asked to jump fences at speed is a major recipe for high numbers of fallers and unseats.
Historically, occurrences of fallers, unseats and refusals have rocketed in Nationals run in testing conditions when horses simply struggled to jump out of the ground.
THE controversy surrounding the BHA's decision to ban remounting from November 2 has picked up further momentum, with Cheltenham clerk of the course Simon Claisse questioning why a horse who unseats after the final obstacle will not be allowed to finish.
Lewis said: "If a horse falls, I think it is wrong to remount and expect him to jump a fence, but if a horse unseats and the jockey hangs on to the horse, why shouldn't he remount and carry on if there is prize-money to be taken?
The day did not get any better for Bellamy as two races later he brought McCabe Creek with a strong-looking run approaching the second-last only for his mount to run out on the wrong side of the rail into the hurdle and unseat him.