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remove from political office

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dislodge from one's seat, as from a horse

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The bead unseat test method adopted into the FMVSS 109 standard was accepted as the most repeatable laboratory test available for determining whether a tire was likely to stay on the rim.
Navy chaplain and a gay San Diego businessman, is trying to unseat powerful Republican congressman Duncan Hunter in California's 52nd district.
In New Jersey's Seventh, Democrat Linda Stender, an anti-war candidate, is trying to unseat Republican Mike Ferguson.
Associate Justice Tom Parker, who acted as Moore's spokesman during the Ten Commandments fight, failed in his effort to unseat Chief Justice Drayton Nabers Jr.
Any member of the public wishing to hear how they can help prevent this, and ultimately unseat Mr.
Although Ultimate will also be racing in a sizeable field over fences for the first time, he is a regular participant in big-field handicap hurdles and has yet to fall or unseat in a jumps race.
The world's largest independent testing facility for tires, wheels and related automotive components can provide bead unseat testing on passenger and fight truck tires up to 30 inches in diameter.
Then in 1994, to trump his uneventful two-year stint as a lawmaker, Huffington anted up about $28 million to unseat Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein, again smashing the charts as the most expensive nonpresidential campaign in history.
If Linux or the Mac are to unseat Microsoft, they'll have to exceed Windows and Office feature sets, integrate into existing environments, and prove they are in the game for the long haul.
Trevor Fox, 62, who is from the St Albans area, said the attempt to unseat Ms Main was ridiculous.
SANTA CLARITA - Voters embraced the status quo Tuesday in Santa Clarita, re-electing three City Council members and solidly defeating the eight challengers who sought to unseat them.
California might seem like the perfect place for an openly gay Democrat to try to unseat an entrenched Republican.
Christian Coalition officer lost his bid to unseat a county commissioner.
These players may well unseat the cable and satellite providers that have dominated the industry, simply because they have controlled access to the content.
Though his only direct queer reference is a personal aside about a memorable sexual peccadillo in Paris, Dessaix constructs this literary travelogue with observations and anecdotes that will resonate with any curious queer traveler, Like Edmund White's The Flaneur (an homage to loitering through Paris, aimless yet attuned to history and chance adventure), Twilight of Love revels in the thrill of allowing whim and obsession to unseat the rigid travel agent as arbiter of itinerary.