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Synonyms for unseasoned

lacking experience and the knowledge gained from it

Synonyms for unseasoned

not aged or processed


without salt or seasoning


Related Words

not tried or tested by experience

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A hike in ratings could occur due to upwards pressure on Boubyan's ratings could develop from a combination of (1) a material reduction in credit concentrations and in the unseasoned proportion of the financing book; and/or (2) a significant strengthening in the bank's profitability and capitalisation metrics.
His use of steam-bent, unseasoned ash reduces the need for jointing, creating more flexible furniture and reducing waste.
We believe that the asset quality of Bulgarian banks could nevertheless deteriorate sharply, particularly in light of relatively unseasoned loan portfolios and the ongoing effects of economic recession," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst Magar Kouyoumdjian.
Nash decided to use the unseasoned wood of whole tree trunks and limbs after re-discovering forgotten pieces of timber that had continued to change without his intervention.
The drop in air quality results from a combination of low temperatures, poor dispersion and the burning of unseasoned wood.
The return of World Cup winners Jonny Wilkinson, Steve Thompson and Lewis Moody has added some experience to an otherwise unseasoned lineup.
99 for either a Kai eight-inch bread knife or a 14-inch carbon steel unseasoned wok; $34.
Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won't taste good.
McCain's best hope was to give Americans reason to believe that Obama is a promising but unseasoned politician who might be ready to lead the country in four or eight years, but not while the country is fighting two wars and the economy is reeling.
As the loan books of UAE based banks continue to swell (averaging 40 per cent a year from 2005-2007), analysts believe the unseasoned nature of the books is causing asset quality numbers to look better than the underlying fundamentals may suggest.
The spire was twisted when unseasoned wood was used in its construction and 32 tons of lead tiles were put on top.
PARIS (Standard & Poor's)--In a report published on July 4, titled "Bank Industry Risk Analysis: Jordanian Banks Strengthen, Grow Fast, But Book Unseasoned Loans," Standard & Poor's Rating Services said that it considers the banking system in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (foreign currency BB/Stable/B, local currency BBB/Stable/A-3) to be much improved in recent years but still relatively high risk.
If the corner can read body language, tendencies, and peculiar alignments, he'll be able to exploit the unseasoned receiver.
If the stiff pepper mill played up over my unseasoned runny eggs, my pint of dark bitter more than made up - as you'd expect from a site that's been serving real ale since 1729.
WWPA also offers three other publications in Spanish--Lumber Storage, Unseasoned (Green) Lumber, and Notching and Boring Guide.