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Synonyms for unseasoned

lacking experience and the knowledge gained from it

Synonyms for unseasoned

not aged or processed


without salt or seasoning


Related Words

not tried or tested by experience

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Ongoing improvements in UAB's risk management and controls are positive but will have limited performance impact in the near term given the highly unseasoned nature loan book.
However, they could fetch extra amount of their produce by growing unseasoned vegetables with the application of tunnel farming.
With the youngsters too unseasoned at this stage to anticipate the extra effort they will be asked to give on this particular part of the Heath, much can be read, however, in their demeanour as they return to base.
The public can come to value and buy their chosen type of firewood, be it hard or softwood, seasoned or kilndried in an open marketplace instead of relying on individual private suppliers that often supply a green, unseasoned and unsuitable product that does not burn efficiently or cost effectively," he said.
The abundance of terrific entertainment in the Windy City could prove overwhelming, and an unseasoned Chicago driver could spend their day seeing the parking garages rather than the sights.
unseasoned rice rimmed baking soy-garlic vinegar, 1 tbsp.
Then I suffered a main course of over-peppered sirloin steak (cooked beyond my rare instructions) and "sauteed" potatoes that have obviously been sitting in the kitchen all day before being deep fried in old oil, unseasoned and sprinkled with a speck of parsley.
But the green beans were cold, unseasoned and had had all the life cooked out of them.
His use of steam-bent, unseasoned ash reduces the need for jointing, creating more flexible furniture and reducing waste.
We believe that the asset quality of Bulgarian banks could nevertheless deteriorate sharply, particularly in light of relatively unseasoned loan portfolios and the ongoing effects of economic recession," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst Magar Kouyoumdjian.
Nash decided to use the unseasoned wood of whole tree trunks and limbs after re-discovering forgotten pieces of timber that had continued to change without his intervention.
The drop in air quality results from a combination of low temperatures, poor dispersion and the burning of unseasoned wood.
Arguably, the firm now has become much riskier through two separate avenues: (1) they have an influx of new, unseasoned business and (2) they have relatively fewer dollars (premium per exposure unit) available to pay claims and expenses.
The return of World Cup winners Jonny Wilkinson, Steve Thompson and Lewis Moody has added some experience to an otherwise unseasoned lineup.
99 for either a Kai eight-inch bread knife or a 14-inch carbon steel unseasoned wok; $34.