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not in accordance with the season


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It said: "Sales in August were negatively affected by the unseasonably warm weather in many of the H&M group's large markets in Europe.
Johannesburg: Unseasonably cold temperatures, hours of driving rain, uninspiring football and no goals marked a truly dismal opening day at the African Nations Cup on Saturday.
This has been exacerbated by the unseasonably mild weather in recent weeks which resulted in fewer sales across new winter lines.
The unseasonably warm weather is expected to continue over the weekend, though the Meteorological Department at Rafik Hariri International Airport expected a slight drop in temperature by late Sunday and possible rain early Monday.
One passenger who was due to fly to England yesterday told the Cyprus Mail: "I'm much happier staying in Cyprus with its unseasonably warm weather than go to back to the UK with its unseasonably cold weather.
Officials say a combination of unseasonably warm weather and unseasonably large snowpack that's now melting has resulted in a treacherous combination of strong currents and lots of floating or partially submerged trees, logs and other debris.
Unseasonably warm temperatures sizzled the Southland on Sunday, breaking records around town, but none in the San Fernando Valley, despite the thermometer hitting 97 degrees in Chatsworth.
Unseasonably warm temperatures have characterized much of the winter season, and unseasonably hot sales activity has been going on at 10 West End Avenue.
Other parts of the country also experienced unseasonably warm weather hitting 13C the same night.
For nearly three hours the electric storm raged as many were enjoying unseasonably high temperatures.
Looking up, / we watched the March light she was lying in, / unseasonably green, through the hospice window, // warm even for the South--and hatefully so, / to one who's never been much good with soil.
Across the ocean the world is warring, in the unseasonably warm air a blizzard is lurking, and in Kate's heart the hatred she feels toward the drunk driver who took her mother's life is boiling.
Unseasonably heavy rain over several consecutive years had drowned the rice crops and caused an increasingly severe cycle of chronic famine.
Even if temperatures remained unseasonably low, last year will rank among the warmest dozen.