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Synonyms for unseamed

having no seams

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smooth, especially of skin

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One of the outermost lines has a non-uniform lateral distance from the longitudinal centerline when the garment is in an unseamed and flat condition.
Now they must be structured like basic sheets, carried in all four unseamed sizes twin to king, some nice prints added to the few solids available.
This in turn enables a much more unseamed traveller experience across several different carriers within the Lufthansa Group, and will boost partnership prospects with other airlines, especially across fellow Star Alliance carriers.
One of the outermost lines has a nonuniform lateral distance from the longitudinal centerline when the garment Is in an unseamed and flat condition.
Knits lack and some still lack unseamed wider widths, which immediately signals both to the store buyer and consumer this is an incomplete line.
Adapt Courseware's consolidation with Pearson Learning Studio offers students unseamed access to adaptive, competency-based curriculum in the streams of business management, social sciences, and math, as well as foundations courses.
99 flat and fitted solids from unseamed Portugal fabric.
The AltSchool computer experts will develop software and applications with which payroll, hiring, admissions, facilities services, procurement and other services - usually implemented by a school district's central office staff - will become electronically unseamed and enable huge savings.
The company has developed a range of strong solutions into an unseamed platform: SyncManufacturing : Demand-driven planning, scheduling and implementation software; SyncKanban : Pull-based inventory replenishment software; SyncOperations : Data collection, historian and workflow engine powered by Savigent that collects and studies information from Synchrono systems as well as from machine-level and disparate business systems for smart monitoring and synchronization of equipment and processes; SyncView : Real-time, synchronized visual factory information system.
With the support of SAP, MTN's managed mobility services will provide a unified device management solution that will enable the unseamed management of security, access and policy execution across multiple, and varied device platforms.
M24SR also allows unseamed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing, which helps in, for intance, audio devices.