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break the seal of

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Such tastes and acquirements in a man of his condition made the contrast more poignant between his outer situation and his inner needs, and I hoped that the chance of giving expression to the latter might at least unseal his lips.
California Superior Court Unseals Documents Related to CoStar's Systematic and Orchestrated Copying of LoopNet Data
Central to TekCel's Plate Management System are three innovative components: the compact, mobile PlateStore(TM) module that houses up to 1,000 microplates (up to 384,000 compounds); the PlateServer(TM) that thaws, unseals, feeds, retrieves and reseals microplates in a totally inert atmosphere; and unique SealTite(TM)--the only reusable automation compatible microtiter plate seal--that minimizes contamination, protects personnel from exposure to compounds, and provides a means for the precise robotic handling of microplates.