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Synonyms for unsealed

not established or confirmed


not closed or secured with or as if with a seal

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Then he went to the desk and took up the unsealed letter addressed to Tarzan.
The orders will not reach them until after my return, if I should return free, and consequently they will not have been unsealed.
He reminded her Ladyship that she had left her letter, with a bank-note inclosed in it, unsealed.
Two envelopes, of course: an inner one, unsealed, and addressed to "Mrs.
A true emotion had unsealed his lips but the words that came out of them were no louder than the murmur of a light wind.
I stretched my hand with the feeling of a man reaching for an unfailing panacea, took up a fresh bottle and unrolled the wrapper, noticing as I did so that the ends, both top and bottom, had come unsealed.
By this awful pause the storm penetrated the defences of the man and unsealed his lips.
Between them they agreed upon the sum it would be fair to offer for the purchase of a half-share in the business, and then Mr Meagles unsealed a paper in which Daniel Doyce had noted the amount at which he valued it; which was even something less.
Project Description : Single laned sealed road that has unsealed shoulders with loss of pavement material creating hazardous edge drop.
Forensic scientist Hazel Johnson said that when she received three parts of a tent, two were in unsealed plastic bags and a third was in an unsealed paper bag.
Leon of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia has unsealed his opinion in support of an order granting Certified Financial Planner Board of Standard's motion for summary judgment and dismissed, in its entirety, the lawsuit that Jeffrey and Kimberly Camarda filed against CFP Board.
Two Bahamians are among six men hit by a multi-count indictment unsealed in a US federal court over an alleged $500 million offshore asset protection, securities fraud and money laundering scheme based in Belize, reports the Nassau Guardian (Sept.
CINCINNATI -- Deep-sea explorers recovered millions of dollars in gold and silver and a slew of personal items that are a virtual time capsule of the California Gold Rush, according to newly unsealed court documents that provide the first detailed inventory of a treasure trove being resurrected from an 1857 shipwreck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
Newly unsealed records include the names only of those overheard by the bugs installed in the break-ins at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate.
He was arresed Tuesday, and the charges unsealed Wednesday.