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break the seal of

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Thursday's session will be the tenth since the start of the trial and it is poised unseal the rest of the exhibits.
A court has ordered Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) to unseal certain documents that it had sought to keep sealed in a suit with MBIA.
Consider the influence of gate seal or unseal on other aspects of processing and mold design.
A Lane County Circuit Court judge has denied a Portland newspaper's efforts to unseal a search warrant affidavit containing details of the investigation into the Jeanette Marie Maples murder.
The Republican candidate to be United States senator from Illinois was forced to withdraw when Tribune reporters persuaded a judge to unseal records of a child custody proceeding which showed that his wife had accused him of taking her to sex clubs and trying to persuade her to engage in sexual activities with other patrons watching.
Judge Thomas Whyte has issued an order to unseal virtually all of the exhibits and attachments to Sun's motions for preliminary injunction on the grounds of alleged unfair competition and copyright infringement.
On occasion, after the police have completed their investigation, they will unseal the apartment themselves.
Twitter was required to unseal its documents at least three weeks before it starts holding events around the country to woo potential investors.
Global Banking News-25 September 2009-Lehman seeks to unseal documents related to Barclays probe(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
We represent defendants in the above-referenced action, in which motions to unseal the complaint currently are pending.
While the allegations against the defendants have in large part been substantiated, on April 2, 2012 the Department of Justice asked the Court to unseal the complaint to allow the whistle-blower and his counsel to continue with the action against the defendants.