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Antonyms for unscrew

loosen something by unscrewing it

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loosen by turning

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That done, he looked at the cork, unscrewed it from the corkscrew, laid each separately on the table, and, with the end of the sailor's knot of his neckerchief, dusted the inside of the neck of the bottle.
He had made a desperate struggle to screw up his courage, but it was fast coming unscrewed again.
Hinges on a shed door were unscrewed to enter and steal a bicycle and a lawnmower.
With conventional models, the continuous tension rod to the swivel cross arm must be unscrewed at the top of the bending former in order for the tool to be changed.
I even unscrewed my cue so I'm delighted to be through.
No tools are required to remove the head plate, which is attached to the valve housing with easily unscrewed release handles.
In one incident at Lickey Hills Country Park on Wednesday a bonnet was unscrewed and stolen from a vehicle.
When he just unscrewed and re-tightened that broadhead, it wobbled a little less.
Laminateflooringwaslifted and stacked ready to be taken away and the taps from the bath had been unscrewed.
Thieves came prepared last week as they unscrewed the cabinet to take the hand, which was originally found during renovation work.
Dillon said he unscrewed the dial of the watch and used a sharp instrument to mark the historic day on the president's watch.
The criminals had unscrewed the box from a base that was attached to a pew.
Donna Pearson says police told her it "was a professional job" after thieves gained access to the rear of the sandwich shop and unscrewed shutters with tools.
If any of my kids leave a light on, the light bulbs will be unscrewed,'' Schwarzenegger said.
Both deaths occurred because users unscrewed the brass or nickel-plated valve from the canister when removing the canister assembly from a paintball gun.