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make intelligible

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become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of

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said, "We've incorporated adjustable pushers in our bundlers, and developed the adjustable drop chute in our unscramblers to enable quicker changeovers.
Multivariate analysis was made by PCA as described in the previous subsection, using Unscrambler X software (CAMO Software, Norway).
In order to validate the results of similarity analysis and further elucidate the resemblance relationship among samples, hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) was applied by PASW Statistics, Matlab and the Unscrambler X 10.
For the cut-and-paste crowd, as well as the drag and drop group, Unscrambler makes data importation ludicrously simple.
Lift trucks outfitted with layer-picking attachments to move layers of product from floor storage to an unscrambler that singulates the cases into a single line.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-March 7, 2012-CAMO launches The Unscrambler X version 10.
com), a global provider of packaging machinery and serialization solutions and a worldwide leader in bottle unscrambling technology, now offers the LCX Unscrambler with patented rotary cam pockets.
Packaging Cells are built to operational requirements with minimal machines as liquid filler or tablet/capsule counter, capper, labeler or a more complete packaging line including induction cap sealer, unscrambler, turntables and more.
model NEHHLP low-profile unscrambler and a model SOE-3/690 off-center neck container linear orienting system.
Machinery Solution: rebuilt bottle unscrambler, rebuilt filler and capper, pre-owned neck bander, new labeler and new conveyors.
were a new low profile unscrambler for plastic bottles and containers, and a parts handling system that meters and aligns the plastic housing of a medical pump assembly.
The baseline correction used was the Unscrambler 'Dc-trending' pre-processing application, by fitting a first-order polynomial to the full spectrum and then removing this as a baseline correction, thus resulting in a more robust correction than the use of a single point on the spectrum for estimating the degree of offset.