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Synonyms for unscramble

make intelligible

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become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of

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You get 40 seconds on each level to unscramble the words.
RIM says it cannot unscramble data of its large business and government clients because the servers that handle that task are located on the premises of its customers.
DNABoost will be able to unscramble data from low copy number profiling and allow investigators to make use of far more samples.
These errors may be evident by the scratched out attempts to unscramble the words on the sides of the answer sheets.
Unscramble the following letters to reveal which country are current European Champions?
We did not anticipate that simply getting participants to unscramble sentences with a few key words would have such a large effect on people's willingness to give money to strangers," said Shariff.
Take all the circled letters and unscramble them to form a four-word message that answers the question: How should you treat Earth?
To spell out the bonus words, unscramble the letters in parentheses.
Simply unscramble the letters we are printing in the Birmingham Mail every day this week to form a password, and from 6pm on Friday, there will be 1,000 free flights available on the Thomsonfly.
For your chance to win a pair of these exclusive wristbands and a signed copy of the album, simply unscramble the answer to the question below and telephone or text in your answer, leaving your name, address and DAYTIME telephone number.
In theory, only the person or machine doing the scrambling and the recipient of the cyphertext know how to decrypt or unscramble the data since it will have been encrypted using an agreed-upon set of keys.
There will be a tug-of-war between the old ASB and current ASB and an activity where we'll have part of the cheerleader outfits people will have to unscramble and put in the correct chronological order,'' he said.
For your last chance to win, simply unscramble the answer to the question below and send in you answer, along with your name, address and DAYTIME telephone number to:
If the sequence matches what was originally sent, then the keys are stored and used to unscramble data sent through conventional means between the different network nodes, such as over the Internet.
Obmascik describes three men from various backgrounds who make sacrifices in personal relationships and employment in order to beat competitors and unscramble logistical nightmares involved in trekking to remote locations.