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Synonyms for unscramble

make intelligible

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become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of

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Destined to unscramble its micronuclear genes by putting the pieces together again, O.
When Alice receives the message, she uses her private key to unscramble it.
The audio data is held on the DVD disk, with the encryption keys needed to unscramble that data held on a sector of the disk that can be read by the drive.
A Birmingham company is being sued by the Premier League over the sale of unofficial smart cards that can unscramble satellite transmissions of top matches being beamed to the Continent.
Just unscramble the letters below which, when re-arranged, will reveal the name of a well-known Lambourn jumps trainer.
Using photos of "anonymous" individuals as indiscriminate clues, Samore constructed the appearance of a mystery, but there was really no mystery there - nothing to unscramble.
Readers unacquainted with northeastern Italy are ill equipped to unscramble these odd locutions, for the book includes neither a map of the region nor a city plan of Trent, the geography of which is central to the case.
The major challenge at the UNCED meeting is to unscramble scientific and political myths so that people can adopt attitudes based upon 21st century information.
To claim your free ticket: Over the next three days we will publish a word each day, which makes a password phrase, unscramble the words and complete the phrase, then call Newcastle Greyhounds on (0191) 2105 300 to book your place.
section among many other lists to compile, and even a "confused Christmas carols" section that prompts the reader to unscramble sentences like "The only holiday gift I desire is a pair of incisors" to discover a familiar holiday song.
For your last chance to win, simply unscramble the answer to the question below and send in you answer, along with your name, address and DAYTIME telephone number to:
The Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Keoghs Solicitors to help companies unscramble the trickier aspects of work-related legislation.
As science editor at Rutgers University Press, I published Ehrlich's books The Cosmological Milkshake (1994) and What If You Could Unscramble an Egg (1996).
Use the following clues to unscramble each of the words in this double puzzle.
Illegal black-box users generally pay about $10 for basic service and use the devices to unscramble channels available only to those paying higher rates, said Robert Thoreson, Time-Warner's director of security.