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not consistent with the methods or principles of science


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refutes claims made on the Internet regarding the credibility of unscientifically proven creams and ointments designed to cure those suffering from acne, hair loss and erectile dysfunction.
Rather unscientifically they tucked into mammoth steaks and pronounced them a bit stringy but perfectly palatable.
477 (2007) (discrediting critics such as Mitchell and Tetlock for dismissing research unscientifically and subjectively, and further arguing that sufficient evidence exists to show that implicit biases lead to discrimination, and that antidiscrimination laws should be used to counter implicit bias effects); David L.
18) These provisions of the Immigration and White-Slave Traffic Acts thus forced courts and lawmakers to define, however unscientifically, the elements of the genus of sexual immorality.
As explained in a multi-part series in National Right to Life News, this is a vaguely defined, unscientifically arrived at notion that is used to attack protective abortion laws on the grounds that such laws are "causing" unsafe illegal abortions.
Lorenzo Tomatis, former director of IARC, asserts that IARC is unscientifically and prematurely downgrading carcinogen classifications of chemicals for which there were clear and undeniable positive results in experimental bioassays (Tomatis 2002).
Bah-humbug factor: It was unscientifically tested for humbugs, doodlebugs and computer bugs and found to be full of Christmas cheer.
First, quite simply, though unscientifically, ask a selection of people from various parts of the country who live within sight of a wind farm, how often they have observed turbine blades rotating during the last several days.
I was disgusted that any MP should claim, especially to Parliament, that 80% of residents support wind farms, knowing that this statistic is arrived at completely unscientifically from a spurious poll done by a group with a vested interest.
Abundant facts support intelligent design if one doesn't unscientifically discard them because one doesn't like where they lead.
In the conference's closing keynote, John Cleese will offer tips and tricks on how to succeed -- in business and in life -- arguing that unless we have a more positive and constructive attitude towards the possibility of making mistakes, we will be behaving unscientifically and making success harder to achieve.
marred by unscientifically chosen samples, poorly conducted tests, and tendentious interpretations of results").
Well I think ( unscientifically, but all the members I've talked to ( they're trying to get with this thing about the lack of democracy in the party, a sense of fatigue in the party and a lack of energy at local level and they're not saying everything's great.
Nicholson plays a retired actuary in his nominated performance; b) we arrived at our conclusion by unscientifically polling some of our membership -- which consists entirely of actuaries -- on who they thought should win; and c) we are, after all, "the Society of Actuaries" might color our results, but I really don't think so.
Incidentally I don't know whether that five portions figure was plucked out of the air like the safe limits of 21 units of alcohol per week for men and 14 for women (although the idea of a "portion" does seem unscientifically imprecise).