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not consistent with the methods or principles of science


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This was of course--and under pressure, being candid, he would have admitted it --an unscientific way of furnishing one's mind.
Mystery is delightful, but unscientific, since it depends upon ignorance.
That is touching another great and much disputed question," exclaimed the Doctor, who seized upon every distinct idea that the ardent and somewhat dogmatic old man left exposed to his mental grasp, with the vain hope of inducing a logical discussion, in which he might bring his battery of syllogisms to annihilate the unscientific defences of his antagonist.
Walking up and down my street, I did an unscientific survey and found the following litter a-- three smashed beer cans (once worth 15 cents), empty cigarette pack, butts, newspaper, plastic deli container, store receipt, fast food cup and an old tire.
Ron Love, a spokesperson for the producers, added, "Public schools do not allow honest discussion and debate when it comes to the evidence against evolution, on the grounds of separation of church and state and an erroneous stance that creationism and Intelligent Design are unscientific and based on faith.
Nutrition experts, however, call this exercise unscientific.
In an unscientific survey including more than 1,500 respondents, Today.
Sala Levin writes ("Biggest Genetic Myths of All Time," July/August) that the Cochran, Hardy and Harpending paper "A Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" has no footnotes, implying that it is therefore unscholarly or unscientific.
My study and figures are unscientific, but are the experiences of just one person who once took pleasure from birdlife.
The unscientific poll, sent to about 9,500 ACPE members, drew 617 responses.
An unscientific survey by the online community Cruise Critic found that 11 per cent of respondents would not cruise again as a direct result of the disaster.
These unscientific contentions are considered here, in DENYING SCIENCE, with an eye to showing how special interest groups work to distort or suppress scientific findings.
Chapters survey the world's current mental map, document its unscientific roots, and provide insights into connectedness and change that encourages more positive thinking patterns.
My, totally unscientific, estimate is that 75% of us are pessimists, 20% are optimists and 5% are realists.
Commonly used to label children, the psychiatric explanation for ADHD centres on the unscientific notion that children have a 'chemical imbalance' in their brain.