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Synonyms for unschooled

Synonyms for unschooled

lacking in schooling

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What we need is to eliminate the vast sanctuaries and breeding grounds provided to insurgents by vast concentrations of poverty desperation and hopelessness teeming with unemployed uneducated and unschooled youth.
ISLAMABAD -- India, Indonesia and Pakistan each have more than a million children out of school, according to a United Nations report which said the global number of unschooled children aged 6 to 11 is still as high as 58 million, showing little overall improvement since 2007.
Plan Rwanda Country Director Peter Van Dommelen said the centre will help solve the plight of 75 per cent unschooled youth with no professional training.
That is why many of the patients are unschooled and need support to find jobs.
The experience will employ the concept of “radical unschooling” with which participants should be familiar, but students need not be unschooled or home schooled to participate.
According to Jenny, more than 500 largely unschooled healers are active in the French-speaking part of Switzerland alone, which counts just about a quarter of the country's eight million people.
Financial and technical support comes through Education First, a new initiative that provides education for 61 million unschooled children worldwide by 2015--enacted by all U.
RICH MAN POOR MAN tired lazy lavish extravagant eccentric crazy self-educated unschooled chic garish blunt crude democratic plebeian candid vulgar
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, found that when unschooled adults from a remote group in Papua New Guinea placed numbers on a line they did so using only the endpoint numbers on the Line rather than the intermediate numbers, said Rafael Nunez, associate professor of cognitive science at the university, who led the research.
These artists are mostly unsung and unschooled, but their message rings louder than any headline: we are here, and we want a hand in designing our future.
When the Jewish boy rushed home to tell his immigrant grandfather that the Yankees had won the ball game, his zayde, unschooled in American ways, asked, "Is it good for the Jews?
It probably wouldn't surprise you to hear that the Lab's owners are unschooled about raising and training a dog, so she's not very obedient either.
But the program interests remained concerned with the access we enjoyed and with what they saw as insufficiently rigorous assessments conducted by evaluators unschooled in their programs' intricacies.
Perhaps, Ladyman suggests, the charge that philosophy does nothing of value stems from the fact that the unschooled find it easier to believe that they aren't missing out on anything important than to do the hard work that is needed to understand modern philosophy.
Their idealized version persists today among unschooled state legislatures and labor unions.