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Synonyms for unscholarly

lacking the requisite scholarship or instruction

Antonyms for unscholarly

not scholarly

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Critics who find this approach disorganized, unscholarly, or unhistorical should turn to scholarship or history for their field of activity.
Instead, with profit as the driving force, these "predatory" publishers engage in a range of disturbingly unethical and unscholarly practices.
Across every professional discipline, we are seeing the rise of a new type of publisher who shows little interest in editorial quality and instead embraces unethical, unscholarly practices in order to make a profit.
The CANNT Journal Editorial Board stands in support of the International Academy of Nursing Editors in their campaign to raise awareness about predatory publishers and their unethical and unscholarly practices.
He concludes that academics should not shy away from the great public interest in biography for fear of producing what tenure and promotion committees might view as unscholarly work.
We) call upon the Education authority in Hong Kong to rectify this unscholarly, insensitive and grossly discriminatory way of defining Filipinos," Cebreros said.
Moses's own lingering unease with even the notion of the kind of unscholarly popularization implied by the existence of classics in translation comes through clearly in more than one passage of Old Wine New Bottles.
This is not to claim that popular history is unscholarly.
As improbable and unscholarly as all this may sound, The Farce of the Fart manages to be both uproariously funny (I regularly disturbed people around me by laughing out loud) and intellectually rigorous (my copy is filled with marginal notes, even though I have read these plays many times in the original language).
And following the fall of Mubarak, such unscholarly radicals carved out a massive public space, facilitated by the military, and filled it with ranting and yelling directed to the ears of average Egyptians, while the phenomenon of the cool sheikhs, who mainly sided with the revolution's demands, faded quickly.
This is an example of how so mere ligious views (taken to their extreme), devoid of philosophical insights and having a disregard of historical achievements, can reduce the study of nature to a primitive and unscholarly level.
The legislation of this unscholarly period forced most non-Christians in Europe to relocate.
Sala Levin writes ("Biggest Genetic Myths of All Time," July/August) that the Cochran, Hardy and Harpending paper "A Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" has no footnotes, implying that it is therefore unscholarly or unscientific.
185) all interchangeably in an unscholarly manner although he acknowledges in passing at one point that the PKK used terrorist strategies (p.
Professors dismiss them as unscholarly and untheoretical while school people dismiss them as impractical and irrelevant .