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take back what one has said

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I want to know what ameliorating work can be done on behalf of gendered bodies when the tool of apophatic theology is used--here, for masculinities studies--to dislodge, undo, and unsay what we mean when we say words such as male, man, and masculinity.
My only participation was to turn over Andal Unsay Ampatuan Jr to the department of justice," former press secretary Jesus Dureza told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
The killings are believed to have been masterminded by a leading member of a powerful local clan, Andal Ampatuan Jr, also known as Datu Unsay, in an attack on the family of a political rival.
The massacre had been perpetrated by Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr, of Datu Unsay town with the help of scores of government militiamen.
The convoy was stopped by the armed men led by Mayor Unsay Ampatuan and a certain police officer, he added.
In a book, once you say things, you can't unsay them," Witeck warns.
How gladly would we unsay something we said a few moments ago, how thankful we would be if we could wipe out the discussion.
Taking the three responses to the dilemma of transcendence in reverse order, however, I think there is still some privileged kataphatic stance lurking behind the third response's spiraling sacred deconstructions: Does the apophatic mystic really want deconstructively to unsay the fusion of self-other and subject-predicate once their opposite dualisms have been broken down, or to gainsay the complex kataphatic proposition that God is beyond both assertion and negation?
Some 57 relatives and supporters of vice-mayor Toto Mangudadatu, including 31 journalists, were massacred allegedly by followers of rival Andal Ampatuan Jr, mayor of Unsay town, in Maguindanao last November.