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Synonyms for unsavoury

Synonyms for unsavoury

morally offensive

not pleasing in odor or taste

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Clare were after coming from nowhere to win their All-Irelands in 1995 and 1997 and a lot of stuff went on generally that was pretty unsavoury.
I know one mum who took an overdose after discovering her son had chosen an unsavoury path.
Summary: London: Troubled spinner Monty Panesar "let the England shirt down" with the unsavoury incident that .
Unsavoury I think there was probably a point when the Spurs man realised he had to stop going to ground because so many highprofile people in the media were talking about an unsavoury side to his game.
Summary: Greggs' heroic fight against the unsavoury pasty tax has failed to boost the bakery chain's sales figures.
Fox warned that Britain was powerless to prevent some 'very unsavoury individuals' entering the country under the guise of protecting Russia's athletics team.
The unsavoury incident happened during Clyde's 5-0 Scottish Cup defeat to Celtic in 2005, during the striker's six-month loan spell at Parkhead.
The unsavoury looking bunch were set to take part the filming of The Who's rock opera Tommy, starring the band themselves alongside Oliver Reed, Ann Margret, Tina Turner and Elton John.
Will the police be putting the same emphasis on arresting "fans" sitting above opposition supporters from dropping unsavoury items on the people below?
We saw the more unsavoury side of some Welsh rugby supporters during the week in the normally gentile surroundings of La Baule.
As the European Union's health chief, Markos Kyprianou comes across many unsavoury situations.
Most footballers wear the bling bling jewellery, but who would have thought that other more unsavoury elements of gangster rap are finding there way into the sport as it becomes flooded with cash and ultra-celebrity.
HISTORY-MAKING John Hartson has hit back at Celtic's critics after the Hoops emerged from an unsavoury few days with their first ever away point in the Champions League.
FIGHTING on the pitch between players who are on the same side has become an unsavoury feature of English football in the last few years and such incidents appear to be on the increase.
In place of discussing threats to family life, the media grappled with the Chretien legacy of scandals: the 100 million or more "sponsorship" deal leading to the dismissal of the heads of Via Rail and Canada Post corporations; the unsavoury affair at the Canadian Development Bank; the PM's secret national unity reserve, the "honey pot" of $50 million annually; the disappearance of $150 million in the Defence Department for goods supposedly delivered by Hewlett-Packard but never received; not to mention the $3 billion spending spree of the the Public Works Department of two years ago which was never pursued in depth.