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  • adj

Synonyms for unsavory

lacking an appetizing flavor

so unpleasant in flavor as to be inedible

Synonyms for unsavory

morally offensive

not pleasing in odor or taste

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Of course an installation like 1992's Cabinet Making 1820-1960, with its volatile juxtaposition of Victorian parlor chairs and a nineteenth-century whipping post still quite viscerally counts--just not in the way it did in Wilson's seminal exhibition "Mining the Museum" at the Maryland Historical Society in 1992, which laid bare Baltimore's unsavory antebellum history.
Yet by overemphasizing the positive aspects of the music, Lewis suffers from the tendency of the fanzines he once wrote for to valorize that which is good in the music while engaging in apologetics when addressing its more unsavory trends, like its incessant--and arguably growing--misogyny, and its sometimes relentless glorification of violence.
covers how to protect one's children from drugs ranging from tobacco, alcohol and marijuana to acid, anabolic steroids, narcotics, psychostimulants, and other unsavory body- or mood-altering chemicals.
PUTTIN' A CORK IN IT Everyone (yes, even you) has repeated unsavory news at one time or another.
Debt collection brings visions of unsavory telephone tactics and verbal brass knuckles.
However, saving a brand From elimination often takes extraordinary measures, and more than a Few unsavory decisions along the way.
Some of the companies seeking Caribbean havens have been involved in unsavory shenanigans, reinforcing the old perception of the islands as a pirates' hideout.
The longer disclosure is delayed, the more unsavory the commission arrangement appears.
For Hunter, "Rather than an assault upon God's existence, evolution was for Darwin and many of his contemporaries a defense of God's goodness, a strategy for disassociating God from the often unsavory details of nature by introducing a blind process of natural selection.
I recount all this neither to boast of an unsavory pedigree nor to confess to dark, personal demons.
Critics of the program complain that it opens the door for unsavory characters to become citizens of Caribbean nations.
The spinach is fine, but the Indian cheese boosts the sat fat to an unsavory six grams.
Report unsavory travel practices to the FTC at 877-FTC-HELP or www.
For example, it proposes that CIA guidelines adopted in 1995 to restrict recruitment of "unsavory sources" should not apply when recruiting counterterrorism sources, That's because these unsavory sources may well have unique access to terrorists' plans.