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Synonyms for unsavoriness

the property of being extremely unacceptable to the mind

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Deploying archival records to tease out a "despairing" Pardoner preaching for an audience with no particular interest (as Patterson insists, no psychological interest) in the Pardoner's sexuality, Patterson's historicizing can no longer account for the Pardoner's characteristic unsavoriness, his over-the-top inciting of desire for his fake wares.
The use of a position for personal gain explains the moral unsavoriness of exploitation.
Most of my teachers, were they aware of him, would, I suspect, have considered him an outrageous sport and dangerous influence, for the unsavoriness of his becoming a Roman Catholic and a Jesuit, more alien, more suspect, than even a Jew.
Patterned as an acid-tinged parody of early John Hughes movies, mercifully short pic makes decent use of a generally strong, game cast but ultimately fails to sustain its own momentum or to overcome the essential unsavoriness of its primary comic device.
com now indexes Raiders penalties by severity, stupidity and unsavoriness.