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in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell

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I have a horrible vision of the congregation singing as one, 'fatal disc error, any unsaved work may be lost'.
In contrast to the target of traditional mission, unsaved people, ecumenical mission is widely concerned about the poor, oppressed, alienated, and all creatures in the universe.
And we have all sinned - each of us is either a saved sinner or an unsaved sinner.
But we really do believe more can be achieved for the unsaved majority with intelligent and innovative interventions provided there is the political will.
Rendered pivotal to this heroism, Alice is thrice unsaved, violated by Rufus, and deemed a necessary casualty by Dana and scholars.
As well, the auto-age feature allows users to choose how often they want their mailbox to be cleaned, permanently deleting unsaved emails, and a Read Receipt option indicates that an email has been read by the recipient.
With Lion, you'll never have to worry about unsaved work.
According to the web address mentioned on the advertisement, "This message is from the Bible speaking of Judgment Day where the believers are called up into heaven, a worldwide earthquake occurs and Judgment of the unsaved begins.
The suggestion that fat-free food will save you from death--perhaps not forever but certainly for a long time--is everywhere present in supermarkets, most of which are kept spotless, with uniformed security guards in the parking lots to turn away the homeless; that is, the conspicuously unsaved.
Luke said customers can set an energy policy that determines the course of action that the system takes, going "behind the sockets" to switch off unused monitors and PCs, but not before saving unsaved work first.
seized, lost, unsaved, and your rage a form of grace.
AS long as your computer isn't inthe middle of an epic project orfull of unsaved documents,bypassing the full shutdownshouldn't cause any major harm.
22) Europeans in North America, Perkinson claims, then underwent a distinctive Calvinist-inspired appropriation of African blackness that, in the context of enslavement, prototypically cast blackness as unsaved.
The land which belongs to non-Jews is called unsaved not national (meaning Jewish) and by buying or confiscating it from a non-Jew by a Jew, the land is supposed to be 'saved.
And since the view is context sensitive, it can adapt itself to match your current work status -- for example, switching its default display from a "recently opened files" view when working with a new and unsaved project to a comprehensive file info "dossier" view once you've saved the data to disk.