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Antonyms for unsaturated

not saturated

used of a compound (especially of carbon) containing atoms sharing more than one valence bond

(of color) not chromatically pure

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1669 by HRMS revealing the molecular formula C16H24O4, indicating five degrees of unsaturation in the molecule.
1997) reported that the amount of unsaturated fatty acids and their degree of unsaturation are the most important factors affecting the oxidation beside other factors such as the position of unsaturated fatty acids in the triacylglcerols and the presence of anti-and pro-oxidants.
From early bud to late bud, absorbance intensity related to FT/IR lipid unsaturation group increased (p<0.
A statistical investigation of biodiesel physical and chemical properties, and their correlation with the degree of unsaturation.
The IV is a key indicator for evaluating the unsaturation of any oil.
degree of unsaturation and (ii) the addition of antioxidant.
Iodine index measures the degree of unsaturation of fatty acids present in the samples and also enables the identification of possible adulteration by mixing with different vegetable oils (CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, 2003; MELLO & PINHEIRO, 2012).
According to Chisolm, the retention of pendant unsaturation, coupled with the ability to utilize copolymerization, provided significant value for thermoset applications.
Severe methionine restriction in long-lived animals may also decrease membrane unsaturation.
This could be as a result of the unsaturation of the metal binding sites on the surface of the biomass indicating weak chemical interaction between Ni (II) ion and the biomass surface charges.
Since IT0316 has no unsaturation, the scorch time (Ts5) is slightly increased, while the cure rate and cure state are decreased (table 3).
Due to RTD tea's unsaturation in Russia, the category has great potential for dynamic growth over the forecast period.
Susceptibility of fatty acids to lipid oxidation increases with the degree of unsaturation.
Arterial oxygen unsaturation and the ventilation perfusion defect of Laennec's cirrhosis.
antiporter, as genetic engineering of unsaturation of membrane fatty acids increases Synechocystis [Na.