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not up to expectations

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This smart but oddly unsatisfying story of a "perfect" couple who start to have doubts about their relationship is pretty to look at but all rather plodding, despite all the best efforts of French hunk Guillaume Canet as Knightley's former lover.
From my perspective, it feels a bit nice, ie woolly and unsatisfying.
It doesn't matter if it's work home, others, a combination of situations, or yourself; staying in an unsatisfying space jeopardizes your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
Nampak took over the business in 2002 and said that the unit's performance has been unsatisfying ever since.
Summary: Tired of an unsatisfying relationship, the sluggish economy or just your own bad habits?
But it was unsatisfying for a warrior like myself who likes to get involved in a fight and a trade-off.
The 32-year-old said: "It was unsatisfying for a warrior like myself who likes to get involved in a fight and a trade-off.
If you're tired of diets that don't work or are difficult to follow because they're basically unsatisfying, you need MASTER YOUR METABOLISM, a three-phrase plan that advocates revving up weight-loss hormones.
Carnival Games on DS proves to be bright and flashy visually but ultimately unsatisfying once you take a trip around the park.
The piece contains a sprinkling of strong language and the international cast are engaging, but it all splutters along to an ultimately unsatisfying end.
We will be training our staff but not as a result of the extremely unsatisfying and, dare I say, costly intervention of government-funded skills brokers.
Each criteria is rated on a basis of 1 to 5, indicating unsatisfying to excellent.
The International Panel on Climate Change's new report, while authoritative, is apt to be unsatisfying to global warming skeptics, agnostics and true believers alike.
There's nothing more unsatisfying to me than going to a movie location that doesn't exist anymore,'' Medved says.
Unfortunately, Lui's explanation for that forgetting is unsatisfying, as was her lack of discussion of the Sigel family's response to the murder.