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Synonyms for unsatisfied

not having been satisfied

worried and uneasy

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There is a good level of unsatisfied demand for prime office space and the strategic position of Baltic Business Quarter has cemented our decision to press ahead with the project while we seek tenants.
Xu went on to add that Huawei research has shown how businesses are generally unsatisfied in terms of what telco providers can offer.
Consumers delighted with the digital experience were over eight times more likely to stay with a brand than those who were unsatisfied.
Question: "Please tell us, how satisfied or unsatisfied are you with Pakistan 's economic situation?
On the other hand, the study revealed that the body of a model with a normal weight negatively affects women that are highly unsatisfied with their body.
If there was a huge, pent-up unsatisfied demand then there could be a case made for carefully considering the possibility of releasing a small amount of previously-protected land - but not before.
On the other hand, the most unsatisfied shopping customers are in Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the percentages are 81% and 92% respectively.
Unsatisfied with Ben's progress in the classroom, Bartell has invested her own time and money into tutoring him at home to meet his complex educational needs.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is unsatisfied by the outcome from Brussels' meeting which according to him was a sophisticated variant of Bucharest.
of New York) and eight co- contributors explore and explain the theories and practices of four social scientists unsatisfied with what they viewed as the reductionism and atomism of traditional experimentalism.
You only need to worry if you feel emotionally distant from him and unsatisfied with all of your relationship.
In this action pursuant to Insurance Law [section] 3420(a)(2) to recover the amount of an unsatisfied judgment against the defendant's insureds, American Transit appealed from an order of the Supreme Court, Kings County (Vaughan, J.
At 33, the Welshman still has plenty of ambition - and his appetite for honours remains unsatisfied.
Subtle defects of only a few millimeters can mean the difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied patient.
On the other hand, Wright Penn brings an intellectual yet deeply felt quality to her unsatisfied yet still-striving Liv.