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Synonyms for unsatisfied

not having been satisfied

worried and uneasy

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But it has not the same power as a primary desire of bringing thorough satisfaction when it is realized; so long as the primary desire remains unsatisfied, restlessness continues in spite of the secondary desire's success.
As to the nature of these friendships, which seemed so many to the eye of the superficial observer, they were of various kinds, and while the girl pursued them with enthusiasm and ardor, they left her unsatisfied and heart-hungry; they were never intimacies such as are so readily made by shallow natures.
What dost thou want, unsatisfied in the very heart of abundance?
Each day he found that he was more passionately devoted to her; and his unsatisfied love became angry and resentful.
At odd times during the week he examined numbers of chestnut sorrels, tried several, and was unsatisfied.
In spite of the intense labour and wonderful discoveries of modern philosophers, I always came from my studies discontented and unsatisfied.
All during the first year Louise tried to make her husband understand the vague and in- tangible hunger that had led to the writing of the note and that was still unsatisfied.
If unsatisfied by the philosophy of his companion, the Indian was far too dignified to betray his unbelief.
And thus he goes on, from dish to dish, like a boy after a butterfly which just misses getting caught every time it alights, but somehow doesn't get caught after all; and at the end the exile and the boy have fared about alike; the one is full, but grievously unsatisfied, the other has had plenty of exercise, plenty of interest, and a fine lot of hopes, but he hasn't got any butterfly.
good unsatisfied demand Gateshead Council leader Martin Gannon said: "At a time when there is limited office space available, and prime space Martin the Gateshead economy is going from strength to strength, the decision to build the first speculative office development in the borough reflects our confidence in the area.
The post Huawei CEO Xu: enterprises unsatisfied with unresponsive telcos appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
Around 21% of respondents were unsatisfied with their digital experience, while 25% were categorized as ambivalent, giving an overall Digital Experience (DX) score of 33%.
A nationally representative sample of men and women, from across the four provinces was asked "Please tell us, how satisfied or unsatisfied are you with Pakistan 's economic situation?
A total of 550 students participated in the first two studies (408 women and 142 men), 61 participated in the third study (28 women highly discomforted with their body and 33 moderately unsatisfied with their body) and 60 in the fourth study (30 healthy women satisfied with their body and 30 women with bulimia nervosa unsatisfied with their body).
Ismet Ramadani says that the great number of undetermined citizens shows that the Albanians are unsatisfied with the politics of the ruling parties.