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not capable of being satisfied

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Many take advantage of the improvements to DPLL-based SAT solvers, including unsatisfiable (UNSAT) core generation.
PicoSAT-936 determines whether the formula is satisfiable or not, and in case the instance is unsatisfiable, it gives an unsatisfiable core by calling the PicoMUS utility.
In "Ethical Consistency," (4) Williams can be read as saying that a mark of a genuine moral dilemma is the feeling of regret that follows the decision to act on one of two or more conjointly unsatisfiable obligations; in other words, acting on one of two or more apparently conflicting oughts does not eliminate the other ought(s) from the scene.
Arnold suggests that 'desire', a decidedly Shelleyan condition, is both 'unspeakable' and potentially unsatisfiable.
The system suggests only the operations which are "compatible" with the current query expression; in the sense that do not cause the query to be unsatisfiable.
If in childhood the lower scale of needs is never adequately satisfied, they may develop into unsatisfiable neurotic needs in the adult.
Perhaps Scanlon thinks that that way an infinite regress lies; acts of choice could only ground our responsibility if we were responsible for our ability to choose, and such a demand is in principle unsatisfiable.
He writes about his alcoholic mother; his demanding, unsatisfiable, bigoted father; his passionate, word-drunk teacher-mentor in Germany; his pack-rat maiden aunt under whose bed he remembers finding dozens of empty boxes nesting inside one another, box upon box.
7) There Hume focuses, for example, on a certain excessiveness of desire ("insatiable desire") that is present in science: scientific curiosity has something unsatisfiable about it, something that cannot be understood on the basis of ordinary considerations of utility, even though it will defend itself by claiming usefulness.
or in Florizel's unsatisfiable wish that she should dance like
Below this critical value, nearly all cases are satisfiable, and above that value, almost all of them are unsatisfiable.
which Almodovar and his brother Agustin set up in 1987, and the unsatisfiable wants that are the motors for Almodovar's cinema.
These pathogenic cravings that lead to birthmarks, then, the result of woman's uncontrollable and unsatisfiable desire, are for Lombroso a "fenomeno psichico dello stato nevrastenico ora descritto, perche tanto piu diminuiscono i poteri regolatori dell'alta mentalita, di tanto aumenta la vita istintiva, contro le cui manifestazioni la donna incinta non puo opporre quella medesima resistenza di sentimenti, di idee, di pudore, come quando si trova in condizioni normali" (1915, 325).
Third, Palmquist rightly points out that the idea of God Kant requires in order to satisfy the otherwise unsatisfiable needs of reason includes such notions as "legislator," "savior," and "judge"--notions not part of the deist's impersonal God.
Romanticism has a deep and unsatisfiable yearning for the remote, the unusual, and the unattainable -- emphasizing the seeking rather than the achieving.