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Synonyms for unsatisfactory

Synonyms for unsatisfactory

below a standard of quality


tending to discourage, retard, or make more difficult

Antonyms for unsatisfactory

not giving satisfaction

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The CFS has taken follow-up action on the unsatisfactory samples including informing the vendors concerned of the test results, instructing them to stop selling the affected food items and tracing the sources of the food items in question.
We've never had a report before with unsatisfactory ratings - but if something happens we have to deal with it.
In line with the law on the ombudsman, if activities of the institute are recognized unsatisfactory, its powers should be prematurely terminated.
The Central Massachusetts school with the highest portion of educators rated unsatisfactory was the Meetinghouse School in Westminster, at nearly 6 percent, but the small school has only two grades and so few educators that the percentage could have been caused by a single unsatisfactory educator.
If the employee's performance or behavior continued to be unsatisfactory , AI is blocked for another three months , employee is notified in writing, and granting AI is reconsidered after completion of this period, if the employee's performance and behavior became satisfactory or better, than the employee deserve AI in the first of Jul of the same year, If the employees continued with unsatisfactory performance, after six months referred to than the employee does not deserve AI , the temporary blocking of the annual increment because of unsatisfactory performance does not preclude granting AI according to the terms in January of each year
7 of Rawalpindi Cantt the organization declared the performance of polio teams unsatisfactory.
Mr Justice Weatherup said: "What is striking is how unsatisfactory our health and care system is for people who are in this position.
There were four Outstanding schools, 66 Good schools, 97 Acceptable schools and 22 Unsatisfactory schools.
The questionnaires included in this study can be replied in choices like satisfactory/ unsatisfactory, adequate/inadequate, yes/no, good/moderate/ poor.
MANILA -- A court stenographer lost her job after the Supreme Court approved recommendations that she be taken out of the rolls for unsatisfactory performance.
While 2,277 students attended unsatisfactory schools in 2009, as many as 4,121 students are now enrolled at such schools.
As only two Indian curriculum schools, Buds Public School and Little Flowers English school have improved from unsatisfactory to acceptable.
The fact that Conwy's Key Stage 2 pupils' work has come out as unsatisfactory has left the authority 19th out of 22 authorities in Wales.
ALMOST 20% of ready-to-eat food samples tested in Cardiff were found to be unsatisfactory.