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A basic unsatisfactoriness that pervades all forms of existence, because all forms of life are changing, impermanent and without any inner core or substance.
According to the Third Noble Truth, freedom from the unsatisfactoriness of existence is found by extinguishing desire, which means the cessation of all attachment to being, all clinging aimed at self-possession.
Consequently, we come to expect the recurring unsatisfactoriness of life and learn to make our peace with it.
Enjoyable to read, and even at times as delightful as her best short stories, Anderson's novel reminds me in its pleasurable unsatisfactoriness of Renee's Daisy and Lily (Penguin), a wonderfully fluent narrative that has the slightly untidy feel of autobiography.
Its pervasive theme is the unsatisfactoriness of monolithic accounts of rationality.
At what might be termed the macrostructural level, I will be taking on the controversial problem of the sequence as such: the sporadic unsatisfactoriness of the 1609 Quarto order is occasioned, I will argue, by the poet's narcissistic use of language.
18) Garfield has pointed out the unsatisfactoriness of this response: "Aside from the odd historical problems this [i.
Might not her own deft reading of Cameron suggest an alternative view, whereby the blatant haste of the ending is a self-conscious exposure of poetic "means of production" (which requires an ending), its very unsatisfactoriness reopening the issues it purports to resolve?
Eventually, in the formula of conditioned genesis, this ignorance leads to thirst or craving, which in turn necessarily leads to the suffering and unsatisfactoriness that characterize the experience of the unawakened.
The deception entailed in this 'self-determination' was revealed when the unsatisfactoriness of thumbprints was brought to the attention of the superintendent at Bamyilli, now Barunga, the large reserve near Katherine.
A case that illustrates the unsatisfactoriness of the way the death penalty is currently understood and applied in the U.