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not having been satisfied

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Hadewijch frequently resorts to this metaphor of an unsatiated hunger for Love, whether in reference to the Eucharist or separately, to convey her perception of what it is to live on earth in full knowledge of the divine, which she elsewhere discusses under the rubric of the Trinity and Unity, or the humanity and divinity of Christ.
The rest of the chapter describes Poliphilo's emotional response to his vision: "And the origin of the evil, of such perturbation and contentious commotion were my unsatiated and most hasty eyes, which I felt to have sown and suscitated such noxious dispute in my sad and wounded heart.
There are a few niggles with RRV that over time may leave some unsatiated.
The working man played by Chaplin thus remains unsatiated by the corporate-driven machine.
The pursuit of perfect art and a perfect woman ends not in attainment but in unsatiated desire.
One is left unsatiated, wanting to know more: Budget.
The detailed discussion in Part II above demonstrated that inefficient uses of water abound, while burgeoning population growth is knocking at the door, thirsty for new supplies, and existing tribal and environmental needs remain unsatiated.
3 billion of aggregate cash demand and solid follow-through buying in the secondary market, reflecting unsatiated demand for the offering,'' said Eric Felder, Vice President, Lehman Brothers.
As though Flaubert, so well read in the medical literature on hysteria, wanted to offer a specimen example for the wandering uterus, Emma produces a variety of constantly wandering sufferings, all physical expressions of her unsatiated, wandering desire: "she grew pale and began to suffer from palpitations of the heart .
His was a Greek love, nowhere domiciled, a dark-skinned wayfarer with coils of wet greenery around his limbs, his truth was impossibility, his dream madness, a crying voice from the fellowship of the damned: a dove seized by rage, oblivious of fear, and everything magnified as at sunset, an ocean rider who cursed fire, with the white scar carved by lightning's thrust along his body, rebelling against the elements, against the fatherhood of nature, the god of snow, being all powerful on its throne of skeletons, in a battle against the mountain of white myth, against the slavery which left his hunger unsatiated, cannibalistic, an outcast among his sons, in fear of drowning, his sex eaten by fish.
The dead were scalped and mangled; the dying were writhing and shrieking under the unsatiated knife and tomahawk; and from the bodies of some, ripped open, their butchers were drinking the blood, scooped up in the hollow of joined hands and quaffed amid shouts of rage and victory.
He notes that the problems involved in quitting--weight gain, unsatiated cravings, irritability--will be decisive only when they outweigh the perceived benefits of giving up the habit.
Steve Rivers, stated, "The Denver Jammin' Oldies format addresses the unsatiated demand for an upbeat soundtrack for the Mile High City.
The desire for concrete evidence, such as birth registrations, marriage records and the like, usually goes unsatiated until later in life when retirement tends to give one the time and resources not available when younger.
It is this great need, this unsatiated desire, a sort of truth, which Robbie seeks to meet in George, to offer him "a love that could be simply beside him" (p.