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Synonyms for unsatiable

impossible to satisfy

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Sandys's description of the shrine in Old Cairo draws on Leo Africanus, but adds a significant detail: "Christians say that this Nafissa was an unsatiable harlot; who out of colour [trickery] (and that for Mohamet's sake) to convert the unnaturall lusts of the people, did prostitute her selfe to all commers" (135).
His work-rate is unbelieveable and his appetite unsatiable
Maybe the public appetite for the salacious and downright offensive really is unsatiable.
Edwards knew that the human person is "so unsatiable [for God] that nothing can be found in the world [that] will satisfy him.
An example of his humor follows in the second stanza: "Autobiographers are the worst, / succumbing to no better cause / than their unsatiable thirst / for pity, patting, and applause.
Almost as quickly as it arrived, the liquidity crisis in the capital markets miraculously improved, as investors bullishly acted on their unsatiable appetite for common stocks.
Betancourt plays Lucy on ``Storytime,'' the woman who co-hosts the show with Kino, an orange-faced puppet boy whose appetite for the written word is darn near unsatiable.