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not having been satisfied

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His youth and boundless energy all but ensured that Roosevelt's ambitions would remain unsated when he left office in 1909.
They are appealing directly to the public, the tax-payers whose money has been used to reap this harvest of broken bodies and shattered dreams, to shame the G-8 into relinquishing their unsated appetite for African pounds of flesh.
The appetite of the avid reader of biographies is here left unsated.
thundered the misanthropic Keith Hann, bloodlust unsated even after laying waste to Christian belief in his Tuesday column.
Frodo recognizes echoes of the Great Music in Goldberry, just as the Children of Iluvatar recognize the music living in the water, which is why they "hearken still unsated to the voices of the Sea, and yet know not for what they listen" (Silmarillion 19).
Similarly, Petersen's concluding chapter, which attempts to answer the questions of urban decline and Islamicisation in Palestine, leaves the reader somewhat unsated.
But such a recognized affinity; however sweet it is, leaves a hunger for social and intellectual change unsated.
Equally enormous is the public appetite for all things prehistoric and big, still unsated even after one of the biggest-grossing movies ever, 1994's ``Jurassic Park,'' and its sequel ``The Lost World.
Jose Maria Olazabal may have had a fish supper on Carnoustie High Street but if he had a craving on course it would go unsated.
In 1840, when 23 and feeling unsated hungers for walking through winter woodlands, Thoreau recorded in his journal: "This plain sheet of snow which covers the ice of the pond is not such a blankness as is unwritten, but such as is unread.
Still unsated as an audience member, I want to go back.
18) As a passive an/or ineffectual intellectual, and yet a finally decent man, Horace is reminiscent of Quentin Compson, who also suffers from a kind of impotence, and who, like Horace, has a mighty incestuous desire that goes unsated.
Those unsated can head back to World Headquarters for an aftershow DJ set by none other than former Special, Jerry Dammers.
Some manufacturers have answered the call, seeking relief from rising labour and living costs along an increasingly affluent eastern seaboard, while retailers battling for consumers' dollars have discovered unsated pockets of demand.
But the feeding is likely to be frenzied and will potentially leave some equipment makers like Marconi unsated, because the bad news is BT's spending is set to be down 16 per cent on last year, having fallen by 25 per cent in the last quarter.