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used of wood and furniture


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Unsanded samples were also included for the tests as control specimens.
The results of flexural strength and roughness for the sanded and unsanded specimens are given in Fig.
In the Museo Regional in the center of town, an eclectic collection includes the basic unsanded coffin, painted in black, yellow and white, that was used to take Maximilian's body from the hill.
All the volunteers live, eat and sleep in a dingy place, where the only furniture is an unsanded wooden table and four benches, a couple of children's slides and a play frame, with clothes draped all over them.
They live, eat and sleep in the nursery where the only furniture is an unsanded wooden table, four benches, a couple of children's slides and a play frame, with volunteers' clothes draped all over them.
In addition, coverage by local news media promoted awareness of the needs for appropriate foot-gear and avoiding unsanded or otherwise unmaintained areas.
Once the adhesive had set and the spacers were removed, unsanded grout completed the project.
Finish Unsanded to finished or finished and checkered (epoxy or glossfinish).
Tenders are invited for Installation of tile in mens and womens restroom - includes material and installation all material listed below rittenhouse tile sq 3x6 field - color/desc: 0190 arctic white rittenhouse sq covebase 3x6 - color/desc: 0190 arctic white covebase grout unsanded - color/desc: 165 delorean gray schluter metal - color/desc: schiene ae80 satin anodized aluminum mastic - color/desc:ds50 ex dalstik typ1 3.
B) Sanded grout doesn't shrink as much as unsanded, which makes it ideal for wider grout lines.
The test panels were manufactured according to the product standard for regular unsanded 5-ply Douglas-fir plywood.
fines-particle coated Ampine Micro Fine Particle Sanded Ampine Shelving Particle BNEF SEEF Underlayment Particle Sanded Fine Face Particle Sanded Multifiber Micro Fine Particle Sanded Multifiber Fine Face Fiber Particle Sanded Core Multifiber Novadeck Particle Unsanded Novafloor Particle Sanded Microfine 3-ply fines Filled sanded, Novaply particle back coated Microfine Novaply 3-ply fines Sanded, back (Gaylord, Mich.
Floors are unsanded oak shorts, stained walnut and treated with three coats of polyurethane.
Unsanded samples are usually sealed on the outer side by a coating of plastic which repels water.