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without explicit official permission

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Assess your IT environment, communicate risks of unsanctioned SaaS app use and consider an identity management solution.
If any foreign team comes for that tournament, it becomes an unsanctioned event and the respective national federations have to take action against the participating players," HI secretary general Narinder Batra told M AIL T ODAY .
Petersburg for attempting to hold a parallel unsanctioned rally there.
According to the Telegraph, a court on Friday said police witnesses had not proven that Kasparov had taken part in an unsanctioned protest and acquitted him.
With its mobile application controls, Blue Coat uniquely gives IT the ability to manage the use of unsanctioned applications and consistently enforce policies across all devices on the network, a statement from Blue Coat said.
Players like Kevin Pietersen and Tim Bresnan have been disciplined for Twitter outbursts, while it is understood another player was dealt with for attending an unsanctioned benefit function the night before a Test match.
MANCHESTER City confirmed last night they are still waiting for Carlos Tevez to make contact with them following his apparently unsanctioned return to Argentina.
Hospital boards had identified 220 of the otherwise unsanctioned doctors as "an immediate threat to health or safety," according to Public Citizen.
Most of the rallies have been banned or dispersed by police as unsanctioned.
The unsanctioned US drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal areas on the Afghan border have reached a new plateau.
TWO members of Togo's interim football federation have been detained on suspicion of being involved with the fake national team that played an unsanctioned match against Bahrain this month, a security official said.
The Tykes were worried they could be excluded from the new competition if they made it to the final of the domestic Twenty20 Cup this year, as the Pakistani fast bowler has previously played in the unsanctioned Indian Cricket League.
Unsanctioned voice; Garet Garrett; journalist of the old right.
INDIAN Cricket League chairman Kapil Dev has warned the unsanctioned competition is ready to go to court to gain official recognition from the International Cricket Council.
JOIN the layers in suspending any beliefs that the outcomes of the unsanctioned Indian Cricket League matches might not be 100 per cent trustworthy and that Twenty20 is just a lottery.