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Synonyms for unsanctified

not holy because unconsecrated or impure or defiled

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no sooner uttered it than I smiled--or sighed--to perceive in all the undiscriminated botany about me the wealth of detail, the idle elegance and grace of Italy alone, the natural stamp of the land which has the singular privilege of making one love her unsanctified beauty all but as well as those features of one's own country toward which nature's small allowance doubles that of one's own affection.
The Fall resulted in the triumph of the irrational for the unregenerate and unsanctified.
Susan Miller traces the history of composition in university settings as it relates to mass admissions and demonstrates how composition became the "unscrubbed, unsanctified 'other' beside quasi-religious literary texts" (27).
According to Sven Lutticken, "[w]e have reached a strangely archaic state of civilization, where the idea of emulation has given way to the taboos of copyright--as if Barbie and Harry Potter were images of gods guarded by a caste of priests, and to make unsanctified use of them were blasphemous" (Lutticken 2002, 90).
There are more than enough Republicans around who say they believe that the election of one of their number will mean an end to unsanctified sex.
Three times daily, the inner perspective of the mourner is unmagnified, unsanctified.
I fancy that those men who established the mysteries were not unenlightened, but in reality had a hidden meaning when they said long ago that whoever goes uninitiated and unsanctified to the other world will lie in the mire, but he who arrives there initiated and purified will dwell with the gods.
Perhaps, though the world remains unsanctified, its theater artists can still perform miracles.
This leaves the existing world totally unsanctified.
As far as marriage goes, he first questions the distinction between sanctified and unsanctified marriage ("it's all one for all that"), arguing that a mutual agreement between two partners is enough.
Just as what appeared to an unbelieving person prior to justification to be the wrath of God but was understood after one was justified to be the love of God, so what appeared to an unsanctified person prior to sanctification to be a rigid moralism was discovered after one was sanctified to be the glorious life of discipleship.
Lest we act out of an unsanctified anger, we must become thoroughly brokenhearted.
One after another, life's most intimate and privileged matters--sexual relations, birth, and death--have been delivered to the unsanctified ground of science and commerce.
It remains to be seen, therefore, whether or not the old "special deals" of unsanctified memory, whereby the bigger roasters made direct sweetheart arrangements with producers, will return to play havoc again with the mechanisms of the trade.
99) God was not so capricious as to descend, in order to mediate a quick and easy assurance, on an unprepared and unsanctified soul.