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Synonyms for unsalutary

not sustaining or promoting health

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And to reiterate, this somewhat unsalutary, uncritical imbibing of America and its ideals, or non-ideals, will do nothing but weaken the future of French democracy.
Yoya's relatives, however--the same ones who had failed the child with their oblivious silences and neglect--finding Maria's neighborhood unsalutary, removed Yoya from the home, sending her into a private world of unarticulated, endless longing for a home and a mother.
To the extent that the United States now regards itself variously as beacon of freedom, misunderstood victim, and/or indispensable global policeman, the exhibition promised to provide a corrective; the fact that the US is regarded as an armored fortress and blinkered crusader by the rest of the world would not have been au unsalutary thing for an American audience to have to confront.
Our oldest inhabitants have learned from experiences, and from the medical men of an earlier time, the unsalutary tendency of these winds.
He taught Barrios a calisthenics regimen, which the musician used to compensate for his addiction to cigarettes, mate, and an otherwise unsalutary life-style.