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impossible to sell


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Sinister history If a murder or a suicide has taken place in your home and is common knowledge, it may even prove to be unsaleable.
Their properties became effectivei ly unsaleable because there was no guarantee of their future.
With most of their stock unsaleable the shop was forced to close for the weekend, usually its busiest time of the week.
As stories spread of murders having taken place in a property, some homes have remained on surveyors' books for extended periods, while some homes have even been known to be practically unsaleable due to supposed hauntings.
The prosecution said that, while Miss Selfridge have declared the fire-damaged stock unsaleable, the damage costs relate solely to the clothing and not the store itself.
It's a very different story today, when properties with overage or uplift clauses can be virtually unsaleable.
Mr Loughran said the plans risked making the Dingle Bank homes "virtually unsaleable for residential use".
Its high edge-wicking properties reduce package damage and minimize lost revenue due to unsaleable goods.
Tuta caterpillars target plants, making them unable to photosynthesise, or burrow deep into the fruit, laying eggs and rendering the tomatoes unsaleable.
A growing number of supermarkets are donating their unsaleable perishables to cash-strapped area zoos and aquariums to feed the animals.
Even unsaleable items have a value to us as we sell them into the rag trade, which is extremely buoyant at the moment.
I am rebuked by Federico Zeri, in his introduction to the new catalogue, for saying that it consists mainly of paintings that were unsaleable.
She was particularly distressed by instances where properties with covenants or land for wildlife status were seen as virtually unsaleable and no effort made to find buyers to appreciate and continue the years of hard work put into the land by caring vendors.
MY old sparring partner on The Clothes Show Jeff Banks has been `dissing' Stella McCartney and Alexander (McQueen) for unsaleable clothes.
They made Joan's house so nice that when it got to the auction room she decided to put in a reserve price that effectively rendered it unsaleable.