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Synonyms for unsalaried

contributing one's time without pay

Synonyms for unsalaried

not paying a salary

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Depending on the time and place, the unsalaried experts receive $25 from insurance firms for each report they write, a sum that can be dwarfed by the potential expenses in large collisions.
Along with those holding a regular position, temporary stipend post holders were all salaried officials as distinct from unsalaried officials.
The movement tended to transcend denominational lines in building local organizations with the help of voluntary, unsalaried leadership.
The political insignificance of the board, since it was not considered an integral part of the Native Administration, was underlined by the fact that its members were unsalaried.
The stipulation to limit the use of unsalaried performers from the Washington School of Ballet in Serenade and other works was unacceptable to the board.
But by dedicating much unsalaried time to laying the groundwork before crafting a proposal with a community, Hinojosa has managed to avoid this mistake.
The position of executioner was unsalaried and Albert Pierrepoint, along with his predecessors, was paid per job.
Ku was part of the unsalaried freelance labor force not included on Mattel's 8,000-employee payroll in Taishan.
Being on the board in his unsalaried role, Peter is confident that he can offer his vast experience to all manner of cultural events.
But as quickly as Moses parted the Red Sea, the organization was destitute and being run by unsalaried volunteers.
The authority comprises 22 members and appointments are initially for three years, beginning in April 2005 and are unsalaried, although allowances and expenses will be paid.
The Land Conservation and Development Commission, known as LCDC has seven members; they are unsalaried volunteers appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate
Social safety nets have to be reorganized to reflect a definition of work that includes unpaid caregiving, capturing the contribution of unsalaried work over one's lifetime.
He describes himself as a facilitator (now a full-time unsalaried job) matching needs with offers of help.
Until he stands down as an MEP in June next year, his role will be unsalaried.