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impossible to sell

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Ms Onwurah said the couple had told her: "We are devastated to find that our house is unsalable and our nest-egg is worthless because the charity that owns the freehold is refusing to extend our lease.
The raw hatchery waste (HW) comprising infertile eggs, shells, dead in shells and low grade unsalable chicks were subjected to the following three processing techniques, viz.
Under the weight of bad and unsalable assets, the GSEs found themselves on the brink of disintegration and were taken into conservatorship by the FHFA.
Stock is one of your key assets and a Stock Deterioration policy is designed to cover the cost of replacing ruined or unsalable stock.
One major distiller, Schenley, over-expanded, and when consumption stopped rising in the late 1950s, the company was stuck with huge quantities of unsalable bonded whiskey on which it would shortly have to pay tax.
shopping cart full of unsalable air and recycled ideals
While still helping to alleviate hunger among those in dire straits, demand far exceeds capacity, governments have used their existence to justify cuts in social assistance, the public feels good about leaving a little extra after the grocery checkout (grocery stores benefit from extra sales), and food companies have an outlet (and receive a charitable donation receipt) for their unsalable products.
I have been rejected by many of their kind for being too dense and vapid, and often by publishers for being simplistic and unsalable.
The essence of his complaint -- that decades of easy money and ceaseless greed have created a glut of unsalable houses that will remain a blight on his hometown for many years -- highlights one of the more curious anomalies of today's explosion in asset prices.
Items damaged in transit, rendering them unsalable, incur the double-whammy of lost revenue and sunk freight costs," he says.
Fifty years ago, department stores required black shoppers to use back entrances and did not allow us to try on clothes, for fear that contact with our skin would render the items unsalable to whites.
The outcome of such findings has not only compromised the integrity of the organizations' reputations, but has resulted in thousands of dollars in cleanup, unsalable product and loss of revenue.
We know there's a big opportunity to increase donations of unsalable products at retail stores in the U.
Householders (many double mortgaged at interest rates of 9 per cent or more) whose title deeds are in the hands of the banks, bankrupt property developers or lackadaisical land registries, will probably be evicted or pay rent to the mortgagee subsidised by taxpayers lest their homes be repossessed and join the long queue of already unsalable and empty properties.
Many types of product packaging are liable to burst or leak and thus fail at air-transport elevations and this makes the product unsalable, and potentially even harmful.