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impossible to sell

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The outcome of such findings has not only compromised the integrity of the organizations' reputations, but has resulted in thousands of dollars in cleanup, unsalable product and loss of revenue.
The presence of only a few fruit with larval or adult sap beetle damage can render an entire shipment unsalable for the fresh market.
Householders (many double mortgaged at interest rates of 9 per cent or more) whose title deeds are in the hands of the banks, bankrupt property developers or lackadaisical land registries, will probably be evicted or pay rent to the mortgagee subsidised by taxpayers lest their homes be repossessed and join the long queue of already unsalable and empty properties.
Many types of product packaging are liable to burst or leak and thus fail at air-transport elevations and this makes the product unsalable, and potentially even harmful.
Only a few years ago, the Harlem market looked to be over-saturated with new condos, many of which were converted to rental by developers eager to generate some income from these empty, seemingly unsalable properties.
Because it may take a month or more for this inventory to be sold, a percentage of the stock will warp, become dirty or otherwise unsalable.
282) Similarly, British negotiators have acknowledged that UK BITs were specifically crafted to closely track customary international law (with a few exceptions, such as the inclusion of most-favored-nation provisions) because the treaties would have been unsalable to potential treaty partners had they done otherwise.
In economic comparison, by the end of devastating Civil War, Lebanon's benchmark bond rate was at 40 percent, an untenable amount, and seemingly unsalable, but they were offered to anyone who would buy -- Lebanese banks, citizens, Gulf nationals -- and they sold.
By leveraging Undisclosed Debt Monitoring, financial institutions gain a competitive advantage that will protect them against losses often stemming from mortgage repurchase demands and unsalable loans while maximizing operational efficiency in the underwriting process.
The revenue would finance "green" contracts and subcontracts, jobs and consultancies galore, paying millions of Americans to produce otherwise unsalable goods, and living in privileged lifestyles at the expense of their less well connected neighbors.
A low inventory turnover may reflect dull business, over investment in inventory, accumulation of stock at the end of the period in anticipation of higher prices or of greater sales volume, incorrect inventory resulting from the inclusion of obsolete and unsalable items, and excessive quantities of certain inventory items in relation to immediate requirements.
Forcing the banks to modify a wide range of loans early would obviously have been a tough sell in the face of the bank lobby, but it would have shortened and ameliorated the process of clearing the property market, enabled many unemployed to move to better prospects instead of being tied to unsalable homes, and ultimately saved the banks from much of a decade of debilitating mess.
And then it might be that a letter with an unknown signature arrives to him confirming the news of the unsalable merchandise.
It has become unsalable, that political merchandise which for several decades represented the mechanism of rule in Arab countries.
Recycling is a key component of Smith's efforts, including measures like donating fresh yet unsalable food to the Utah Food Bank and its food pantry network.