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Also unsaid in McConnell's ad is that senators only cast votes when the chamber is in session, and the Senate has only been in session 26 weeks this year.
Wrighton, producer Sean Ward, and director Anthony King, the Things Left Unsaid web series tells the story of a hipster girl with plenty of baggage taking on an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran with PTSD and baggage of his own.
DAVIDSON, Jessica Everything Left Unsaid Pan, 2012 301pp $16.
She's not the only one with a memoir to plug, as McFly are also dropping by to discuss Unsaid Things: Our Story.
But, of course, something must be said to be unsaid, affirmed to be negated, and uttered in order to be silenced.
Their topics include contextualisms and propositionalisms, bearers of truth and the unsaid, towards a radically pragmatic theory of the if conditionals, mutual manifestness and the pragmatic marker ne in Mandarin Chinese, the use theory of meaning and the rules of language games, and a game theory approach to the distinction between said and implicated.
Photostat machines will have bare bottoms implanted on them, things will be said which most definitely are best left unsaid, lamp-shades will be transformed into instant head-gear, while physical liaisons that will be regretted for months will ensue.
Geraghty's trip from Ireland was certainly worthwhile, as he also partnered Left Unsaid for Voss to win the $100,000 Foxbrook Champion Novice Hurdle.
In some hearts, hidden longings and desires must remain secret, unsaid, unshared and locked away for ever.
Then our chins/like Rodin's Thinker, /still too solid//as if we too are bronze/or mere flesh afraid/of some unsaid curse.
I admit that, when she told me, I exploded and maybe I said things that were better left unsaid.
Think Twice Sometimes it's best to leave unsaid The thoughts that pop into your head, Like telling a peacock you have heard She's an arrogant, haughty, conceited bird, Or letting a rabbit know you think Her ears are too long, her nose too pink, Or telling a skunk that her perfume Makes everyone want to rash out of the room, Or greeting giraffes with, "I declare
A LOT has been left unsaid in the row between St Mirren and referee Alan Freeland.
The stories of classmate Vanessa Weiss frame the novel with disbelief and then acceptance, but an acceptance that reminds readers of all that is left unsaid at the end of a life.
Left unsaid by Obrador is the fact that the Bush administration's policy incorporates both of those options by working to tear down the border and using foreign aid to build Mexico's manufacturing sector.