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having no roof

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Whole blood specimens and a swab specimen of the unroofed eschar were collected at the time he sought treatment with the acute febrile illness before doxycycline administration.
The system has been partially unroofed along a narrow northeast-southwest trending ridge with slate cover rocks preserved to the west, south and east.
Most of Caylan's structures were either unroofed or only partially roofed through colonnaded patios, so the recording of sound in partially preserved, open air structures was not unrepresentative.
The mineralization is hosted in a sequence of felsic dominated sediments which were largely sourced from an adjacent porphyry which was intruded and unroofed during basin development.
The bulk of City's supporters were exposed to the full glare of the midday sun as they took up their station on the unroofed terraces behind one of the goals at the newish Huish - the pitch lacking the iconic slope of the original ground but boasting a pronounced crossfield camber.
Out of the ruins of aural belief and visual belief, in the unroofed space of his outdoor poems, there arises a sense of the original woman who was lost both in death and in the blindness of life.
Given that there is reason to believe the Moon was once considerably closer than it is now and none, on the other hand, to suggest that libration was so suppressed at the time as to counterbalance the consequent huge increase of tidal torques, it seems perfectly natural to suggest that this is the mechanism which unroofed all the lunar rilles.
In the Elizabethan public theatre, what P was the central unroofed area of the auditorium that offered the cheapest tickets?
It had been stored in an unroofed area of the farm when a series of explosions occurred at the power plant shortly after the plant was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in March.
In Paxton, it tore Nathaniel Parkhurst's barn into splinters and unroofed his house.
616 Briar Road, $300,000 to remodel single family residence and increase size of unroofed deck.
A deck or porch is an unenclosed, unroofed, relatively level paved or planted area adjoining a building.
In the unroofed, common courtyard, inhabitants of the domestic units, most likely an extended family, shared an oven, a cistern, and a millstone, indicating that this was the kitchen where food was prepared.
The Celtic priest in stole of blue lifts earthen chalice toward unroofed sky .