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having no roof

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The redevelopment will revitalise ageing infrastructure and ensure the facilitys sustainability by: Relocating overhead power lines away from existing unroofed pens, Constructing a new laneway to improve cattle circulation between roofed pens, holding yards, loading bays and scales, Finalising roof extensions to cover 32 pens and the scales area, Improving water conservation measures including full stormwater capture for reuse within the facility, Upgrading the office and meeting room, Improving the kiosk and office, Reducing operational costs by $5000 every year.
Remember, in our villages, those cinder-block houses unroofed since the
There is unroofed prison to facilitate the monitoring of prisoners.
Many houses of medium-built materials are unroofed, some with collapsed walls; extensive damage to doors and windows
In the presence of vesicles, the vesicle should be unroofed and a swab of the vesicle base should be taken.
Before the Schlemm canal is unroofed, clear corneal cataract surgery is performed.
54) Further, Owenson's image of rustling ryegrass also appears to have been sketched from lines in Drummond's poem, situated at Bonamargy: 'Where Margy's walls, unroofed and mouldering stand, / Mid the long rye-grass rustling o'er the sand'.
The metamorphic clasts strongly resemble local basement rocks exposed as belts between conglomeratic domains in Isle Madame, indicating that these deeper crustal rocks were unroofed within the former basin in the late Tournaisian, resulting in redirected drainage patterns.
Commentator Gareth Blainey, pictured, who witnessed the events, said: "Due to heavy rain, Cardiff City officials and the police moved the Swansea fans from the unroofed Grange terrace behind the goal, where away fans traditionally went, to the main stand.
The intramural segment of the left coronary artery was unroofed using tenotomy scissors and dilated.
In each case, the patient's spinal column was unroofed and the spinal cord exposed to receive the cells.
The south side of the castle has become an unroofed, al fresco dining area (weather permitting) and the former hall is now the upstairs living-room and kitchen.
It's quite obvious why attendances to some games here are very low - facilities are very poor, so why wouldn't you stay in the bar of the W [hotel] and watch it on TV rather than sit in an un-airconditioned or unroofed seating bowl?