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without romance


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The unromantically named VUHL <B(vehicles of ultra-high performance and lightweight) 05
And so, Matthew and Roslyn spent their first day of married life unromantically donning Wellington boots and sweeping out water and silt alongside family and friends, before jetting off to their honeymoon in the Maldives.
His latest book, his 19th, is already proving popular with readers desperate to understand the reasons for love, which he claims - quite unromantically - are simply a series of straight-forward chemical reactions.
The pair, from Acklam Road, Middlesbrough, got engaged on August 8, 1980, when Paul unromantically popped the question as they were walking along Westbourne Grove in North Ormesby.
The adult Pain remembers one morning during his affair waking "to cold sores tearing through our lips" and thinks back to kissing the woman, which he refers to unromantically as "covering her in me, my saliva .
King Edward exerts such pressure on Jane, a naive and confused young woman who adores her husband (unlike the figure of More's account who has been married off unromantically in her girlhood), that she finds resistance to a man so far above her station, especially one who can command her as a subject, impossible to sustain.
Here is a wonderfully balanced set of essays that offers a clear and unromantically realistic assessment of the need for Orthodox Christians to address not simply fidelity to the past, but the embracing of the future.
This is not one of the succession of supplied houses we'd grown up in but the century-old porched home Dad and Mom bought and remodeled for retirement on a hamlet main street unromantically named Route 21.
How unromantically mean will you look beside a man who, even before you're a couple, clocks your phone calls, costs your purchases, never treats you and even puts a petulant price tag on your present?
Told unromantically as a narrative based on extensive research, the authors include many direct quotations (more than 680 letters were examined) as well as reflections which they believe grow appropriately from their findings.
The sex that is alleged to take place with Mella is initiated by her while Bayley 'on the whole didn't mind doing it' and is presented unromantically.
A wedding,'' she unromantically observed, ``is the only time you collect.
Years ago it was unromantically known as "the blockyard", reached by driving down a steep bank which brought you virtually on to the beach front.
A year later in a London auction house magical links withamarvellous past were unromantically listed as "Ten lots, were the property of the late Cyril F Walters.