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neither expressive of nor exciting sexual love or romance

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Paul said: "Samantha kept saying to everyone that I am so unromantic and in order for her to say 'yes' I had to do something special.
This unit had the perilous but unromantic task of flying supplies and personnel to partisans in Yugoslavia.
In a moment too unromantic for a Bollywood buff like me, here I was bidding goodbye to the delicious Delhi cuisines, the Mughal palettes and my teary-eyed friends.
Undertaking a proposal of marriage A SURVEY said blokes were largely an unromantic lot when it came to proposing marriage.
When these unromantic issues get resolved, they nervously prepare for their wedding night.
Within the castle, Shahrzad puzzles over the decidedly unromantic secret behind the caliphs sad eyes.
She said he was unromantic a cold fish of a guy, as he much preferred football drinking beer and eating a pie.
Three-times-married Rod had flings with some of the world's most beautiful women and fathered eight children - but one famous ex-lover said he was unromantic and a bedroom flop.
In other words, it's functional with a capital F - and currently an unromantic gateway to the rebuilding work at New Street Station.
Which is great in theory, but the lack of users with ratings for their previous unromantic embraces suggests there's not a whole lot of cuddling going on.
My wife thinks I am a very unromantic person and that I am also cheap and never buy her a gift on Valentine's Day.
She added that the lights on the sets were making them sweat and it was so unromantic.
Jack is so rattled he ends up proposing to Sharon in a most unromantic way, unaware that his love rival is going to pop the question too, complete with a ring.
There were surprises galore in round one but unromantic punters will doubtless be betting on the bigger teams pulling rank and Coral are happy to oblige.
A provocative and raw exploration of female sexuality, director Malgoska Szumowska's "Elles" paints an unromantic picture of upper-crust domesticity through the vibrant eroticism of prostitution.