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neither expressive of nor exciting sexual love or romance

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And presently the voices of the two speakers were hushed, or were replaced by the gentle but unromantic music of the nose; and save when the church bells tolled the hour and the watchman called it, all was silent at the house of John Sedley, Esquire, of Russell Square, and the Stock Exchange.
thought Kitty, recalling the unromantic appearance of Alexey Alexandrovitch, her husband.
It was nothing to wonder at, a Hamburg banker, I believe, retired from business, had it built to cheer his remaining days by the view of that lake whose precise, orderly, and well-to-do beauty must have been attractive to the unromantic imagination of a business man.
She said he was unromantic a cold fish of a guy, as he much preferred football drinking beer and eating a pie.
Three-times-married Rod had flings with some of the world's most beautiful women and fathered eight children - but one famous ex-lover said he was unromantic and a bedroom flop.
In other words, it's functional with a capital F - and currently an unromantic gateway to the rebuilding work at New Street Station.
Which is great in theory, but the lack of users with ratings for their previous unromantic embraces suggests there's not a whole lot of cuddling going on.
Proving an enduring and powerful presence, his screen persona was taciturn, even surly, and the young actor was almost wilfully unromantic.
The 35-year-old signed off from international duty with that famous Irish Six Nations triumph in March, but his club career came to an altogether more unromantic shuddering halt.
Give it some time and enjoy making love, rather than just having sex to make a baby - there's nothing more unromantic.
My wife thinks I am a very unromantic person and that I am also cheap and never buy her a gift on Valentine's Day.
She added that the lights on the sets were making them sweat and it was so unromantic.
Jack ends up proposing to Sharon in an unromantic, offhand way, unaware his love rival is going to pop the question too, complete with a ring.
She spots David wrapping a bracelet on Christmas Eve which she assumes is for her, but on the big day she just opens an unromantic pen and pencil set.
There were surprises galore in round one but unromantic punters will doubtless be betting on the bigger teams pulling rank and Coral are happy to oblige.