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Synonyms for unripe

not fully developed or mature

not fully prepared

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They had previously folded up in small parcels of leaves, pieces of beef, fish, ripe and unripe bananas, and the tops of the wild arum.
A fruit of unripe wisdom, and he himself is ignorant of what he is laughing at, or what he is about;--for that is, and ever will be, the best of sayings, That the useful is the noble and the hurtful is the base.
The scene closing on these charmers, and the lower slide ascending, oranges were revealed, attended by a mighty japanned sugar-box, to temper their acerbity if unripe.
Moreover, the lawmaker confirmed that a settlement over the presidential seat remained unripe and needed more discussions and dialogue.
Farmers should neither pluck unripe fruit nor keep it hanging for a longer period after maturity, it was highlighted.
Besides being a good source of vitamins and minerals, banana is also a natural remedy for a number of illnesses and conditions like diarrhea and the unripe banana relieves constipation.
Rotting, rotten or unripe, we binned a fifth and had to cut out insect damage too.
The people are advised to use water and other liquids more Over-ripe and unripe fruits should not be used and to wear light color clothes be used.
The complete unripe banana (peel and pulp) is of great interest as a candidate source of biodegradable materials.
Some of these are traditional pickles, toursi (which is a great vegetable mix of cauliflower, turnips, carrots, cucumbers, red and green peppers), atchara (grated unripe papaya) and more.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Overlap 9 Adder 10 Magma 11 Rooster 12 Car 13 Scenario 16 Jealousy 17 Duo 19 Capital 21 Recap 22 Augur 23 Yearned DOWN: 1 Dormice 2 Kedgeree 3 Plea 4 Mahogany 5 Edit 6 Truro 8 Perpetually 13 Solitary 14 Indecent 15 Torpedo 18 Ocean 20 Page 21 Ream QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Flavoursome 8 Ali 9 Add 11 Learner 12 Beige 13 Oar 14 Den 15 Vampire 17 Ewe 19 Gale 21 Rash 23 Stop 25 Dart 27 Elm 29 Eternal 31 Sea 34 Pep 36 Cargo 37 Own goal 38 Ore 39 Use 40 Launderette DOWN: 1 Flea 2 Liar 3 Vandals 4 Unripe 5 Sober 6 Maid 7 Edge 8 Alone 10 Dense 16 Ego 18 Err 20 Ape 22 Ate 24 Trainee 25 Disco 26 Groove 28 Maple 30 Thorn 32 Earl 33 Area 34 Pout 35 Ease
Green Tails' amaranth spills over the sides, while unripe blackberries and Thai basil sprigs add edible, aromatic touches.
Unripe or "green" jackfruit (unripe it is still beige, white, or golden) is often called "vegetable meat" for its chewy texture and mild flavor.
All parts of the plant are poisonous, especially the roots, shoots and unripe berries.
TANDOORI LAMB CHOPS (makes 12 pieces) INGREDIENTS: 10 lean lamb chops 3 green finger chillies, made into a paste 1tbsp ginger/garlic paste 75g raw papaya (or unripe pineapple), made into a paste 11/2tbsp white vinegar 1tsp salt or to taste 3tbsp chopped fresh coriander for garnish SPICES: 1tsp cumin powder 3/4tsp turmeric powder 3/4tsp red chilli powder 1/2tsp white pepper powder 1/4tsp nutmeg powder 1/4tsp green cardamom powder (ground cardamom seeds) METHOD: LIGHTLY slit the lamb chops on either side (three gashes on each side, not too deep).