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Synonyms for unripe

not fully developed or mature

not fully prepared

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They had previously folded up in small parcels of leaves, pieces of beef, fish, ripe and unripe bananas, and the tops of the wild arum.
A fruit of unripe wisdom, and he himself is ignorant of what he is laughing at, or what he is about;--for that is, and ever will be, the best of sayings, That the useful is the noble and the hurtful is the base.
The scene closing on these charmers, and the lower slide ascending, oranges were revealed, attended by a mighty japanned sugar-box, to temper their acerbity if unripe.
You start by shouting at the chap on the wireless or the telly and from there it is but a short step until you're caught muttering at the unripe supermarket pears.
Please do not ask us to retrograde into the mindset of unripe, thin, tart, bacterial wines pretending to be "traditional.
Emma Sharp, product technologist at Sainsbury's, said: 'This really is crunch time for hard, unripe pears.
MAKE sure strawberry plants are protected against birds - even the unripe fruits seem to appeal this year
Among green-paper leaves were boxes colored to correspond to ripe, ripening, or unripe versions of one of the tamarin's favorite fruits.
AIF the area around the stalk is hard, green and unripe, it could be due too little potash or too much sunlight.
Fermented wine was used as well as the unripe, sour juice acresta, meaning acrid.
But he let the side down by including an unripe mango in his shopping bag, although it did explain something someone said to me about H being happiest when his mango's hard.
The taste was of green, unripe fruit, with a flinty, steely acidity, but with undertones of sulphur.
Unripe olives are green, with very bitter, firm flesh.
When ready, the meat is removed by diners who add lettuce, basil and mint leaves, bean sprouts, daikon and unripe banana shavings, wrapping all this in a paper-thin rice-flour crepe.
During grilling, unripe avocados become softer and develop a pleasant, piquant flavor.