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in an unrighteous manner


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It is thus said that, if the leader of a country acts unrighteously (adhammika), and this bad example then spreads throughout society, the sun and moon, and then the stars "go wrong in their course"; hence: "days and nights, months and fortnights, seasons and years are out of joint; the winds blow wrong, out of season.
Dives is damned not for being rich but for acquiring his wealth unrighteously and for hardheartedly focusing on sensual pleasures rather than putting his means to what Spenser's Guyon calls "Right vsaunce" (The Faerie Queene, II.
Surveying the mental landscape, the same fundamental core drivers that unrighteously bring nation against nation and set man against man are the same intellectual processes that imprison our minds in cult-like fashion.
Let us then remember that all bargains in which one party unrighteously strives to make gain by the loss of the other party, whatever name may be given to them, are here condemned .
136) If the rule were otherwise, the court explained, "the most innocent of counsel might be unrighteously harassed with suits.