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not righteous

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When I burst into an unrighteous rage at the end of the match after discovering that we had "only" drawn 1-1, I failed to realise just how unreasonably I was behaving at the time.
According to table personality character, unrighteous behavior of player, referee fault in sensitive time, delay in starting match, weak operation of interested team, match result is main factors of aggression as well as establishing, media and discipline force operation is least cause for aggression.
As one writer reminded Recorder readers, a "lost cause" was not necessarily an unrighteous one.
7) Indeed, as already noted by Jahn, "Solomon could scarcely complain so bitterly concerning oppressions, the unrighteous acts of judges, and the elevation of fools and slaves to high honors, to the neglect of rich and the noble, unless he wished to write a satire on himself.
When the followers of unrighteousness are united in their unrighteous path, why should not we go united in our right position when dealing with global challenges," Mursi said.
Gardner Mayor Mark Hawke is a master of unrighteous indignation.
Mozi says that everybody (including the rulers) condemns these things and knows they are unrighteous.
Rather, if the magistrate authorizes her to do so, he will be unrighteous and her judgment is considered invalid.
The fate of the battle has already been decided and Krishna helps Arjuna understand that his actions are committed as an instrument of predetermination instead of unrighteous killing.
In short, war is unrighteous because "if you consider the resources wasted in military activity, this harms the foundations of life of the people, and the depletion of the resources of the world in the ordinary people is incalculable" ("Condemning Offensive Warfare III," 19.
In the Jewish tradition, the concepts of a final judgment or hell as a destination of the unrighteous do not appear until relatively late in the Old Testament period.
Furthermore, Mikati convened with Deputy Naamtallah Abi Nasr who discussed with him the issue of executing the State Advisory Council's decision to withdraw citizenship away from those who obtained it in an unrighteous way.
A Jew may believe almost anything about the afterlife but is not free to act in an unrighteous, dishonest or dissolute manner.
Since a righteous man, serving it may be under an ungodly king, may do the duty belonging to his position in the State by fighting by the order of his sovereign--for in some cases it is plainly the will of God that he should fight, and in others where this is not so plain, it may be an unrighteous command on the part of the king, while the soldier is innocent, because his position makes obedience a duty--how much more must the man be blameless who carries on war on the authority of God [who] can never require what is wrong.
LET the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts.