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stripped of rigging

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But even unrigged, the basic injustice of a lottery in allocating punishment remains: to allow one of two offenders equally deserving of punishment to receive less punishment if she wins a lottery detaches punishment from desert.
There are also numerous artificial shrimp lures, from unrigged bodies to complete soft baits and hard crankbaits.
The dramatic post-referendum shift in the long-standing powerhouse of decision-making from the metropolises to Upper Egypt can be chiefly attributed to democracy and two of its attributes: unrigged, free voting.
Asghar Khan replying to a query said that Pakistan had not seen a single fair, transparent, and unrigged election since it came into being, which was highly unfortunate.
Federal Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi declared that PML-Q was a winner in every unrigged election and was a highly popular party in all four provinces, Gilgit & Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
Free and unrigged elections is a means to ensure peaceful transfer of power and constitutes the corner stone for the practice of democracy, and this warrants respect of the sovereignty of the laws, transparency, cooperation among the political and civil associations and the media as well as citizens, Al-Mei' said, summing up his views as how to set basis for democratic and viable political regime.
And he insists that the king and others "tooke so litle delight to see no other activitie but shooting and potting of gunnes that yt is quite geven over and the navy unrigged and the castle pulled downe.
A respected reformist, accused of organizing deadly riots after the June election, reportedly testified before a Tehran court Saturday that President Ahmadi-nejad's victory came in a clean and unrigged vote.
The dip of the cliffs leaves the unrigged two-master in relief on the shallow saline flats against a haze of cloud-skim and spindrift.