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This reflects the period during which FDA's Office of Chief Counsel began a program to review all warning letters and unrifled letters for legal sufficiency and consistency with FDA policy in March 2002.
The operator places an unrifled barrel onto the fixture and the safety door is closed.
Factory rifle barrels are bored with an unrifled area ahead of the chamber, to accommodate a wide variety of bullet weight/length configurations.
This means the bullet must pass through almost 2 inches of unrifled chamber insert before it engages the rifling, with a negative affect on accuracy.
As stated, it is really a 201/2-inch barrel; the last unrifled bit doesn't add to velocity.
For one, they require the bullet to travel through an unrifled chamber-sleeve tube before it engages the rifling, meaning it's unlikely that it will be truly concentric with the bore when it gets there.