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not rewarding


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It's pretty clear to me he's turning to golf as an escape from a job he finds unrewarding.
Al-Ayyam said public teachers in the West Bank are continuing their strike in protest of receiving unrewarding salaries.
The CAT held an order of Appointments Committee of Cabinet ( ACC), headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as unrewarding for returning the
The practice of the soap treatment, and by extension "waterboarding," proved tactically unrewarding, generating what proved to be useless information, and ultimately strategically unrewarding as well - after all, we lost the war in Vietnam.
Author Jane Wood aims this handbook at alternative psychotherapy practitioners who are finding that building a practice is slow and unrewarding.
TEST CRICKET ENGLAND arrive at Lord's for the second Test with self-professed belief in their abilities but inevitable doubts too after a patchy performance in the largely unrewarding draw at Trent Bridge.
While fun, it was financially unrewarding and I ve been asked many times what my biggest learning was.
To live by design means consciously choosing to eliminate the superfluous, unrewarding and unproductive activities that drain time, energy and focus.
au, during the past century, only Ashley Mallett (132 wickets) and Bruce Yardley (126) have taken more Test scalps, adding the low production of successful off-spinners in Australia highlights how unrewarding the craft is, particularly on hard, true Australian pitches.
Now, at the age of 30, after being a waitress for nine years, living through a series of unrewarding relationships, and residing with her mother on Staten Island, she decides to become a cop.
These arrests reflect our unrelenting effort to eradicate oil theft while making the illegal business increasingly unrewarding and frustrating for perpetrators by scuttling their apparatus," he said.
Four unrewarding hours of trotting a float through various runs on the River Itchen, in Hampshire, left Mark Pilley - our latest coarse angling winner - beginning to fear it would be a rather blank day.
To continue our positive momentum related to gross additions, our newly launched marketing campaign, Hello Better, takes an aggressive approach to encouraging our competitors' customers to break free from unrewarding provider relationships.
Kofi Annan deserves our deep admiration for the unselfish manner in which he put his formidable skills and prestige to the mission which is very difficult and potentially unrewarding," said Ban Ki-moon, who stressed his "deep regret" at the move.
He is attuned to its trim and orderly air and after an unrewarding winter that brought his right to the England captaincy into focus he has never valued it more.