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having acquired or gained nothing


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The priority for investors is now focused on adopting goal-oriented approaches that mitigate unrewarded risk, rather than chasing the highest potential returns.
It's a real shame that Adomah's skill went unrewarded.
So the 1-0 opening day win over Rotherham went unrewarded and all the cash going towards a huge pay-day - if they go up.
FEW would argue work done by those on community councils should go unrewarded - but common sense must be applied to the arrangements they do have in place.
The gesture pleased Lapu-Lapu Mayor Paz Radaza who hinted that this won't go unrewarded.
The quest continues for an award commemorating armed forces service that would otherwise go unrewarded.
PORTVALE 1 SOUTHEND 2 VALE'S second-half revival went unrewarded as their promotion jitters continued with a third defeat in the last four games.
Bay captain Graeme Jones gambled on containing Ormskirk when he won the toss and elected to field but the bold tactic went unrewarded as the home side proceeded to crack a testing 222-5 declared off 53.
Good deeds often go unrewarded but sometimes turn fatal too as happened in an incident in Mississippi where a woman fatally shot her husband while aiming at a dog that was attacking some children on Friday.
FRANCE 34 SCOTLAND 21 SCOTLAND coach Andy Robinson called for more ruthlessness from his side after an enterprising performance in Paris today went unrewarded.
During my five years of active service I witnessed several acts of real heroism, many of which went unrewarded but I feel angry reading about some vastly overpaid, and in some cases vastly overrated footballers being classed as 'heroes', just for pounding a plastic ball around a field.
Coventry slipped up 3-1 at home to Hull on Saturday and saw a better performance go unrewarded in Sheffield the following night as t hey went down 3-2.
Expressing his views on the occasion, Dr Saeed-ul-Hassan said hard work never goes unrewarded.
He can be assured that his efforts and outstanding success will not go unnoticed or unrewarded and merely presages a new start.
It doesn't matter how much comfort I try to find, it is difficult to find joy or enthusiasm because a great performance has gone unrewarded.